2014 Outdoor Furniture Trends: Whats Hot for this Year

As the seasons begin to change for spring and summer, more and more people are celebrating by updating their outdoor spaces with new furniture. Outdoor furniture arrangements provide the perfect way to entertain guests and will complete your backyard. If you are currently thinking about buying new furniture for your deck or patio, here are a few trends for 2014 to help you select the best options.


There are a number of color options that have emerged as the trends for 2014 when it comes to outdoor patio furniture. If you are looking to go with some bold ideas, colors such as dark purple and teal are hot. For safer options, black and white continue to shine as stylish choices. Feel free to mix bold colors with neutral ones for an interesting and modern look. In 2014, using colors and patterns that are complementary has also emerged as a new trend.


Chevrons can be found everywhere in fashion and in home furniture this year. Chevron patterns come in a number of colors and can be combined with solid colored accessories to tone down this look. If you are not a big fan of chevrons, other patterns such as floral prints, paisley prints and stripes are also becoming very popular. Solid colors work well when combined with such patterns if you need a bit of relief from the busyness of a pattern.

Mixing and Matching

As we have already seen with indoor furniture, 2014 is all about mixing and matching to enhance your décor. Custom outdoor furniture is a great way to achieve some contrast between the various pieces of furniture that you place outside. You can achieve contrast by choosing furniture that is made from different materials and textures. Letting your personality shine through your outdoor furniture is definitely the trend for this year.

Selecting Furniture

Outdoor sectionals are very popular this year. They are excellent for accommodating large numbers of guest for barbecues or outdoor parties. You can personalize an outdoor sectional by incorporating custom throw pillows. Add additional options such as a chaise or ottoman for additional versatility with your outdoor sectional.

Here are a few outdoor sectionals that we recommend:

Wicker furniture has made a comeback in 2014 thanks to its natural appearance. These days you can find wicker furniture in a number of colors and styles and not only the traditional colors. In addition to being on trend, wicker furniture is also very durable and environmentally friendly.

Viesso has a number of modern wicker furniture items here:

If you need additional seating for your outdoor furniture arrangement, consider stackable chairs. Stackable chairs have made a comeback thanks to the fact that they now come in so many styles that you can create a formal or casual look. In addition, they are space savers so that you can maintain a minimal look for your outdoor furniture arrangement. If you plan to entertain outdoors this year, stackable chairs are essential items to have.

Here are our most popular stackable chair options:


Finally accessories are being used this year in outdoor furniture to add additional color. Consider accessories that have the colors and patterns mentioned above or that add a bit a boldness that is not featured elsewhere in your outdoor furniture arrangement.

Another trend is to create an indoor style living space outdoors. Adding lamps, vases, and decorative table items is a great way to achieve this aesthetic. You can select from a wide range of accessories for decorating your outdoor space here.

Get Started Today

Summer will arrive soon, so if you are looking to redecorate now is the time to get started. Begin by figuring out exactly which items you would like to replace and evaluating how much space you have. If you are not sure which items will work best with your existing décor, ordering customizable outdoor furniture is always a good option.

If you need help with selecting outdoor furniture, leave your questions in the comments below and we’ll answer them for you!

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