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California Custom Wood Furniture Makers

California has an enormous range of custom wood furniture makers which makes it easy for you to find the right person to bring your ideas to life. The growing trend in dealing with custom made furniture makers is fundamentally cha

nging the way people think about their purchasing and décor decisions.

Furniture makers realize the need to make products that excel in details and take pride in making quality products that will endure. Wood pieces are hand-made and offered with a variety of textures and colors, always allowing for the full beauty of the wood to be featured.

Heirloom furniture

Some makers proudly handcraft

heirloom furniture and cabinetry with old-world craftsmanship such as can be seen in classic New England Colonial, Federal, Shaker and Nautical masterworks. Others devel

op their reputation specifically in quality-oriented carving, fine-tuned by a long history of commissions using traditional carving chisels and mallets.

Rustic barnwood

Rustic barnwood and log furniture is made from re-used wood and brings an earthy charm and can be complemented with barnwood accessories. Barnwood plank tables are very popular and the rustic barnwood vanity can have a copper sink incorporated into it or a hutch to add a new storage piece to the home.

Functional sculptures

Some artists specialize in unique abstract furniture and wood sculptures that can make a personal statement in any room as a bold contrast to existing pieces or by picking up harmoniously with material or form themes.

Groups working with wood

Humboldt Woodworkers Guild and the Medocino Coast Furniture makers are two groups working in California who are dedicated to the preservation and evolution of the fine art of furniture making and general wood working. The consortium of woodworkers and craftspeople based in Humboldt County are developing a unique design style rooted in a philosophy of living and working

in ways that use wood truthfully. All current members of the Mendocino Coast Furnituremakers have been influenced by the world-renowned cabinetmaker James Krenov, who in 1981, founded the Fine Woodworking Program at the College of the Redwoods, in Fort Bragg, California. They specialize in custom designed one-of-a-kind pieces in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Contemporary designs

Some wood furniture makers specialize in producing high-end furniture in low volume for discerning clientele through an extensive personalized commissioning process. The aim is to clarify and crystallize ideas and then translate them from mere thought into quality furniture that will only appreciate in value.

These products require the finest grade materials, chosen for their tactile richness as much as for their aesthetic beauty, workshops employ the most meticulous techniques to create furniture of enduring quality that will only appreciate in value. The contemporary style is characterized by sinuous curves and rectilinear lines where the limited edition pieces exhibit a style that is both timeless and contemporary, classic yet modern.

State of the art

David Marr as a featured designer runs a “State of the Art” woodworking facility in San Diego, California. He combines artistic vision with superior talent, advanced skill, and extensive experience to create “One of a Kind” heirloom quality furniture.

David selects only the finest materials to produce his uniquely beautiful, award winning, “Functional Art” furniture. David works conscientiously and professionally with each client to develop the perfect design for each piece.

View David’s portfolio here

Green design focus

Some companies focus specifically on contemporary wooden craft-furniture design and sustainable manufacturing processes. This involves balancing artistic expression, function and ergonomics, master craftsmanship and a strong environmental sensibility.

Some makers specialize in designs and manufacturing for solid wood furniture from salvaged trees and make their goal to be the most progressive and responsible wood furniture manufacturers and retailers. Wood in these cases does not come from trees cut down for the purpose of creating lumber. Also, with consideration for footprint the entire furniture production process including milling, drying, and construction takes place within a limited geographic area – slow wood!

The full picture on eco-friendly wooden furniture

Many people are seeking out custom wood furniture makers because they are interested in the aesthetic as well as the role their consumer choices can make in contributing to a greener planet. Green design is the only tool that will enable us to achieve a sustainable relationship with our environment and consists of two core aims:

Reducing the footpint in manufacturing

Reducing the 'footprint' left upon the planet is the process of making a new product by utilizing low-impact, non-toxic, sustainably-produced or recycled materials that require less energy to convert from a raw to finished state.

Designing products and services better

Designing products and services to function in environmentally friendly ways are equally important as part of a company’s business. This requires the processes that do not cause physical harm, consume less energy, engineering for quality and durability to last longer with less maintenance, and engineering for reuse or recycling.

Here are some key questions you can ask to assist you with selecting your furniture:

• Was the wood harvested or extracted in a conscientious way?
• How much energy or petrochemical product was required to transport and/or convert the wood into a finished product?
• Do the materials or finishes cause physical harm or illness to the people that use it?
• Does the product continue to create waste, pollution or harm to the environment in its use?
• Does the manufacturing process harm or exploit the people who made it?
• Is it well made, efficient and functional to use?
• Is it designed to be easily maintained? At the end of its useful life will it be easy to dispose of in a safe manner?
• Does the company act in a socially responsible way? Does it provide for and protect its employees? Is it a good member of the community?

Viesso is a Los Angeles based green furniture store focused on comfort, functionality, and the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials and processes. For more information on Californian custom wood furniture makers and our different customization options, please contact us today! We can be reached through our online form or by phone at 877.8.VIESSO.