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Your contemporary furniture and décor are the first impression your clients will have of your office or your guests will have of your home and first impressions are significant. We at Viesso understand the value of making a good impression not only the first time, but time after time. We also take the utmost care to provide you and your family with not only stylish but also comfortable and convenient furniture and décor that is masterfully crafted to meet your specific needs and personal preferences with a variety of options that can be customized in size, finish, filling and more. At Viesso, we take a holistic approach when furnishing and decorating your home.


Our décor and furniture extend beyond functionality; they are designed and put together by contemporary artists that transform the most ordinary pieces into modern works of art to compliment your home or workspace. Yet our ideology of modernism applies to more than just our furniture and décor. It is also reflected in how we create and sell our furniture to you. From customized options, to eco friendly materials to innovative function, we have it all at here at Viesso. As the market is increasingly driven by digital trends, we recognize the importance of catering to the needs of our technologically inclined clients and our website makes it convenient and easy to purchase your furniture and décor from start to finish online with us. Yet we also cater to our clients who prefer brick and mortar stores through our showroom in LA where it is possible to view our inventory and experience our distinguished designs first hand.


Your furniture should look good but it should also be comfortable and we ensure that in addition to style, you are able to relax with ease at your home and office. From plush sofas to soft rugs to soothing outdoor sun loungers, kick back and enjoy the ultra comfort of your new furniture.


Our innovative designs are created with your convenience in mind. From outdoor fireplaces to space efficient dining sets, we make our furniture and décor meet your needs with high consideration to ease and practicality.


We make you a promise of the best quality for the highest value with our price promise guarantee. Our furniture is also tax free so shop smart with us for the most stylish furniture and décor in the market at the greatest deals.

Custom Made

Your home is unique and so should your furniture and décor be as well. We provide you with the highest variety of options possible to customize your furniture to fit your specialized needs and taste. We cater to your preferences in material, finish, filling and size, down to the last inch.


Each piece of furniture or décor item in our inventory exudes a quality of timelessness in its artistic beauty and its novel design. Our focus on modernism is unique as it entwined with the rich principles of classic exquisiteness that result in a distinct quality of elegance that transcends time.


The final outcome of our products is very important to us which is why we make sure that every last detail, from design to upholstery to finish, is executed with excellence Our products not only look good but they stand the ultimate test of time.

Locally Created

All our production from upholstery to case goods is locally made. Keeping local to our native Los Angeles has a number of advantages. It increases our efficiency by cutting lead times and helping us get your products to you faster. It also enables us to more closely monitor manufacture to maintain the highest quality of production. It is the most environmentally friendly way to go as we do not need to worry about shipping our products from international countries. Finally, it supports our own local economy and supports the community by creating jobs for our esteemed citizens.

Environmentally Friendly

You care for the environment and so do we. That is why we use only environmentally friendly materials in our furniture and decor. We partner with other companies that are equally as passionate as we are about the environment and each one of our products has a ‘How It’s Green’ tab that provides additional detail about how that particular piece is a green item. Some of the eco friendly materials we use include: locally sourced alder, bamboo, FSC certified maple, natural latex, natural down and feathers, recycled or natural fibers, locally sourced SFI alder legs, water based glue, and green wood stains and sealants. We also recycle your unwanted or worn out furniture and utilize the parts that can be used again to help save the environment’s natural resources. We are also proud to give back through our collaboration with to different projects like planting trees.

At Viesso, you can choose modern pieces of furniture and décor from a variety of distinguished brands, or you can choose to go with our own skillfully and artistically creations for the following areas in your home or workspace.

Living Room

Your living room is one of the areas in your home where you, your family and visitors to your home will spend the most time and should therefore not only be inviting but also comfortable. Your living room should maximize space for the most valuable use of your area but should also reflect your personal style, which is what our furniture and décor at Viesso enables you to do. In addition to our main items like sofas, tables, and sectionals, we offer a wide variety of artistic pieces to accent your home.


Choose to unwind in a bedroom that is tasteful as well as restful. There is no better way to get a good night’s sleep than to invest in bedroom furniture that is designed with your comfort in mind with a selection of matching accessories. From unique and calming wall to wall murals, to soft lighting, you can create the ultimate restful and stylish haven in every bedroom in your home

Dining Room and Kitchen

Enjoy every meal and every entertaining opportunity to the utmost with our large variety of chic kitchen gear and sophisticated yet modernly simplistic dining furniture. Our accessories include the porcelain ovorpur which is designed to naturally filter your tap water. Overall a Viesso kitchen, from serving utensils, to glasses, to barstools and tables, is a wholly scrumptious experience.


Our collection of outdoor furniture is built with unique and stylish designs that take into consideration the seasonal changes, offering high style as well as dependable durability. Our outdoor furniture pieces transform your patio or yard from the ordinary to the extraordinary with their highly aesthetic appeal and expediency. Whether you choose to dine outdoors on one or our fashionable outdoor dining sets, relax our outdoor sectionals, or sunbathe on our sun loungers, you won’t run out of creative and fun ways to experience the outdoors anew with a superior touch of style. Be sure to check out our selection of outdoor rugs and garden accents and planters for added adornment options.


Although the furniture in your workspace should be functional, it should also be trendy and comfortable. We take the greatest pains to make your workspace both chic and while catering to your personal work needs. You likely spend many hours of your day at work and in addition to recreating a beautiful workplace for you, our furniture keeps you comfortable for hour after hour. You can also choose to accent your workspace with our classy lighting options and our tasteful selection of rugs.

Viesso furniture is the ultimate investment in your home and workspace for a definitive touch of modern elegance, comfort and long life, all at the best value.

Not sure which furniture and décor suits you best, take advantage of our in-home consultations which connect you with some of the best and most experienced home designers in the field. Even if you don’t live in the LA area, you can have a consultant help you design your home or office through pictures or on email. You can also contact us for free samples of fabrics and wood colors to help you decide which material best fits your needs.

Whether you want to recreate your work space or home with modern style or simply add a touch of elegance with our pieces of furniture, take advantage of our free shipping offer; you will be sure to find the right item for you from our large selection of online furnishings to choose from at our website

You can also contact us through our website with any questions you might have. We pride ourselves in the excellence of our customer service and we look forward to getting back to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Be sure to sign up for the latest updates on news, special offers and exclusive deals and you can get an instant 5% discount.

We are so sure that you will love your new viesso furniture and décor that we are willing to extend to you an in-home trial with a satisfaction guarantee, meaning that if you don’t absolutely love it, you can send it back for a full refund. Be sure to check out addional refund policies online.

For any additional information check out our site at and get in touch with us today for a new way to do modern furniture that is customized to you, exquisite in taste, superior in quality, caters to you and to the environment and is offered at unbeatable value!

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