Custom Furniture Makers in Santa Barbara California

Variety and style

There are many custom furniture makers in Santa Barbara California who are operating in different ways to service the individual needs of those looking for striking new furniture pieces. Furniture “made-to-measure” can be the perfect expression of personality.

Handmade furniture and cabinetry

One such leader is BoMo Design whose furniture and fine cabinetry carry the signature of a distinct aesthetic with the mark handmade consideration. Crafted by local Santa Barbara artisans, BoMo pieces embody the California spirit of fresh design and innovation. Offering both uniquely custom commissions and limited, sequenced production, BoMo is a premiere design/fabrication studio for discerning clients.

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Whether you require custom furniture to be built to specification or require a full interior fit-out to be produced and fitted there are a range of ways Viesso can assist with brokering the right people to assist from their network of furniture producing partners.

Working through the custom-design process

It is important to consider how you would like to be involved in the collaborative design process with custom furniture makers as this can be a deciding factor on who you select to engage for the job.

The process steps

Although service types vary they can be broken down into the following steps:

1. Visit the custom furniture maker in their studio or showroom to discuss requirements and possible materials, finishes and design. Alternatively, you could email drawings and details for an instant quote.

2. The custom furniture maker provides a quote outlining size, finish and overall design detailing.

3. A deposit is placed on the work and from this the custom furniture maker provides detailed drawings and outlines your exact product work process with you until you are happy with the overall size and design, and working arrangements.

4. The custom furniture maker completes the furniture to a standard lead-time of between three to six weeks.

5. The custom furniture maker delivers and/or installs your piece as needed.

Seeing what you will get

It is important you can visualize your project through the provision of good design drawings before you commit to step four in the process. Some furniture makers will use flexible planning computer software packages to work with you to design your work on a screen, or have a range of pieces in their studio or showroom or on picture file to work through a range of choice

Considering the context

As part of the design process there is a need for the layout plan of the room being designed for with dimensions of doors, windows, recesses and other areas such as major traffic flow and movement areas included. Configurations, dimensions and materials of your furniture piece or pieces can then be considered as part of the conversation about what will suit the room, your living needs and your specific tastes.

Good communication is the key

As part of participating well in the collaborative design process you need to do the homework to be confident that you have some general ideas on what will and will not work in your home. All of this information will assist with building an understanding between you and your custom furniture maker. This will help scaffold a story together that will ensure the best solution is found.

Dining room table with chairs

Imagine that you want a custom-made dining table with chairs made. You want to have a good design and style that will not only show your taste and personality but will also make a comfortable place for eating. The dining room is the showcase area for you to share with guests and the family, and so it is important that it is designed well as it will be hosting some of your most important memories.

Know your design

In designing your dining area, you have to know your style. The design concept of your house should also be the concept your dining area.

Use space correctly

You need to know if you have a wide or narrow space, a closed space or an open space. This will assist you with choosing the right furniture sizes. This will also be your guide in choosing the right layout for your dining room.

Use the right layout

Make sure your furniture arrangement is executed so that it will not be, or even appear to be crowded. The right layout includes an allowance for a good amount of traffic flow in the dining area.

The dining table setting

Consider the right size and type of the table, and the most suitable number of chairs. Choose the right shape of your table. If your area is small, you can use a round table. Make sure your seats are comfortable and they compliment your table.

Have smart color choices

When mixing colors, make sure that they match and they are complementary. If your area is closed, you can choose neutral colors to make the space look more expansive.

Consider good lighting

Most dining room tables use a chandelier or an overhead light. This is a good focal point for your design. You may also use light dimmers so that you can set the mood in your dining area. You can also use wall scones and pin lights to frame your dining setting.

Accessorize with care

If you like a large centerpiece on your dining table ensure you consider this aspect when planning your custom-made piece . If you are using a large mirror to enhance the size of your dining area consider how your proposed design will look reflected in the mirror. Also, do not forget to choose the kind of tableware that will complement the color and design of your setting.

Viesso is a green, online furniture store based in Los Angeles, California and focused on comfort, functionality, and the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials and processes. For more information on custom furniture makers in Santa Barbara and our different customization options, please contact us today! We can be reached through our online form or by phone at 877.8.VIESSO.

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