Modern Dcor Ideas for 2013

Now that New Year is upon is, we all feed the need to change the look of our surroundings. Whether it’s our wardrobe, haircut, or our mind, opening up the space for new options helps us gain a new take on life. Refreshing our homes with a good makeover is one of the best ways we can usher in and celebrate a new energy that shakes up our creativity in every way.

Discarding What No Longer Holds True

At Viesso, we encourage our customers to make changes, even if they are small at first. Adding to a new concept in décor can be a yearlong exercise, as you discard what no longer holds true, replacing it with an element that speaks of the constantly evolving you.

Clean, Contemporary, Functional Lines

Modern décor ideas for 2013 are filled with clean, contemporary and functional lines. This year’s aesthetic emphasizes that true beauty lies in the essence of things, so its definitely time to get rid of those old, stuffy pieces as you highlight the elements that bring you greater pleasure and expanded use.

Time to Streamline

It’s time to go green. It’s time to look at your furniture, upholstery, accent colors, and lighting with a clear eye. It’s time to lift your home to new heights by shedding excess and getting streamlined. Here are several ideas that can help you make a design plan for your new contemporary design ideas that will help you springboard towards a new look.

The Hamlin Chair

2013 is the year to select well-constructed furniture that features simple lines while highlighting comfort and a chic sense of style. Take a look at TrueModern’s Hamlin Chair, with its oversized design that fully embraces the body. Soft and cozy, it comes with a kidney shaped back pillow made with down and feathers. The medium density cushion creates a perfect seat for comfortably losing yourself in a book, and the beautifully articulated baseball stitching gives the entire piece a perfectly created unity. Supported on brushed nickel and steel tube legs, you can customize the Hamlin with subtle colored fabrics like Calvin Ivory, Dolphin, or Sea.

The Rebecca Chair

The Rebecca Chair by sohoConcept sits on a chromed steel wire base with legs that end in a plastic guide embedded in wire to prevent slipping. With its padded seat resting on a brilliantly constructed steel structure with S shaped springs, the chair is both strong and flexible. Perfect for your home or office, order your upholstery in leather, leatherette, or organic wool, or choose one of Maharam Kvadrat’s exceptional fabrics to give the Rebecca even more of a personal style.

The Dublexo Deluxe Sofa Bed

We all know that the sofa generally serves as the focal point of a living room. Take a look at Innovation’s Dublexo Deluxe Sofa Bed with its quilted top and black matte powder coated metal and chromed steel legs. Made with pocket springs covered in quality foam plus heavy fibre fill, this beauty folds down easily to accommodate your guests when they stay over. Choose the red ifelt covering that you see on our site to make a strong statement in an otherwise subtly colored room, or in dark grey ifelt for a more subdued sensation.

The Canyon Sectionals

There’s nothing better than a sectional for entertaining or lounging the weekend away. Bensen’s Canyon Collection is a wonderful example of innovative construction, as it is made with a woven suspension system used in the automotive industry, providing it with exceptional support. The woven strapping is covered with contoured foam that can be covered in a variety of leathers or fabrics that are easily removed for cleaning or replacing when the mood suits you.

Viesso’s Contemporary Coffee Tables

Changing your coffee table for 2013 can make a big difference in the look of your living room. Our Viesso designs are built to the inch, allowing you to customize them to fit any space. The Knar models are a beautiful example, with their raised pegs that elevate the clean line of their glass tops, providing a surface area underneath for storage.

Another option is our Sino Square or Rectangular coffee tables that come with an overhanging top option and featuring a shelf below. Customize the Sino with a soft close drawer for even more storage and you have the perfect example of modern décor. Our dedication to green construction is evident in our use of FSC certified solid wood options, and an all-natural linseed oil finish.

The Modern Trend in Color

The modern trend for 2013 is especially evident in the colors used to show off the contours of your furniture, as well as your carefully selected pieces of art. Greys, teals, and browns work very well with an accent rug and/or pillows. The Jaipur 909 is a great example of a hue that invites, rather than hollers. Made of imported wool in soft grey, the resilient mid-pile is perfect for high traffic areas.

If you have muted colors in the room, you can brighten the area with an accent rug like the Bjork Rug Dark or Bjork Rug Light, with their rectangles of bright or subtle colors. Made of hand-tufted wool and natural dyes, these rugs make brilliant conversation pieces while creating an extremely contemporary ambiance.

The Suite Bed

Updating your bed is one of the best things you can do for yourself in this new year. Out with the old, in with the new and the modern as you give yourself a new lease on life in the most important room in your home. Innovations elegant Suite Bed comes with a frame and headboard created with Beachwood slats and covered with elegant upholstery, such as the Light Grey Arnik US 122 fabric you see on our Viesso online site. The mocha stained wooden legs add to the exquisite taste is evident in every facet of this modern design.

The Budin Bed

For a completely different feeling, our Budin Bed creates a Zen-like and functional sensation with its cutout areas for storage. Made of bamboo sporting a low VOC clear coat finish, the Budin represents our belief that efficient design doesn’t mean a lack of aesthetics.

The Atila Floor Lamp

Lighting is where you really show your flair for the contemporary. Choose a floor lamp for reading or working on your laptop late into the night as you sit in your Hamlin chair or on your Canyon sectional. The Atila Floor Lamp with its polished aluminum shade and transparent polycarbonate dome is an exceptional choice. Made by Marset, it is easy to adjust, highly stable, and has a switch in the top cover for easy accessibility.

The Mercer Table Lamp

The Mercer Table Lamp in another example of Marset’s unique take on lighting. Here we have a ribboned cotton shade that floats inside an impeccably constructed transparent enclosure. Choose a natural cotton for direct and diffused light, or black for a more sophisticated look that illuminates through the top and bottom.

The Achara Pendant Lamp

Suspension or pendant lamps are essential when it comes to illuminating a dark corner, casting light on your dining table, or lending some clarity to anywhere else you need it. Roost’s Achara Pendant lamp is a gorgeous example, with its dark textured stainless steel exterior and shiny finish on the inside.

The Maranga Suspension Lamp

Marset does it again with the Maranga Suspension lamp. Named after an imaginary succulent fruit, the Maranga features a shade made up of 32 slice-like pieces that fit together to create chinks of light. The opening at the bottom has a diffuser that disperses more light downwards. You can also order this tribute to innovative design as a floor or table lamp.

For more examples of modern décor ideas for 2013, please contact our design experts by calling 8.877.VIESSO

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