Modern Living Room Decoration Ideas for 2013

It’s a cliché by now, but still holds true that a new year should mean turning over a whole new leaf. And as the leaf turns, there is no better time to go Green! With Viesso, you can choose décor that represents your commitment to the environment while adding new life to your living room and beyond.

Space: the New Frontier

Space is definitely the new frontier when it comes to a contemporary approach to 2013. “Out with the old, in with the few” should be your motto as you discard the extraneous and find new ways to store what it is you really need. At Viesso, we can help you store your necessities in style. Let’s start with the stunning Malta Bookcase with Drawers..

The Malta Bookcase with Drawers

Designed by renowned artist Tayfur Ozkaynak, this efficient and versatile piece definitely creates a modern look, whether you arrange it low to the floor or buy several pieces for stacking. Made of 100% certified wood that corresponds with responsible forest manufacturing processes, the Malta Bookcase is another one of sohoConcept’s commitments to quality and functionality. Created with MDF in an oak veneer, this sleek piece of furniture will blend beautifully with any of our consciously constructed sustainable sofas, sectionals, and chairs.

The Pearl Bookcase

MODLOFT’s Pearl Bookcase is another example of contemporary vision. Made of sturdy hardwood in walnut or wenge finish, the shelves rest on sturdy steel chrome supports. An exquisite solution for partitioning off areas between or within rooms, the Pearl is an excellent way to store books and display pieces, and can


be finished in white lacquer if your color scheme requires it. A light, open shelving system, this piece looks great in a large loft where you might want to divide up the space for semi-privacy.

The Eldridge TV Stand

Another one of MODLOFT’s innovations shows up in the Eldridge TV Stand. Clean lines define this sleek structure so perfectly configured for small spaces. Featuring two center drawers and two side cabinets with an adjustable middle shelf, the Eldridge comes with an audio/video ready compartment along with rear ventilation and wire holes for keeping all your connections well hidden. With their customary sensitivity, the company has made the cabinet’s doors with hydraulic hinges that are designed with longevity in mind. Here again, you can custom order the stand in white lacquer, which will go perfectly with the same finish you’ve chosen for your Pearl Bookcase.

The Brix Modular Storage System

Media centers are exceptional pieces when it comes to organizing your living room’s essentials. The Brix Modular Storage System by Benson has been constructed as a stacking drawer system that invites endless configurations, depending on your need and your aesthetic. Taking each preassembled module, you can put one atop the other without having to worry about weight. Made with pin and cam mechanisms, these rigid units come with a steel under-frame and top surfaces that are also reinforced with steel, so pile on all the audiovisual equipment you like and never fear collapse. The Brix features push-latch slides on its drawers and can sit on a low platform base or steel fin legs, according to your taste. Made of high density wood composite panels, custom order this beauty in white, charcoal, putty, or red high gloss polyurethane lacquer and you will have not only a functional storage unit, but also a beautiful piece that adds great style to your abode.

The Format Storage Unit

The Format Storage Unit, also by Benson, is an open bookcase that can be configured to varying heights and widths. Using adjustable dividers, you can create any pattern you like in order to store and organize your books, CDs, and even that collection of porcelain Elvis busts that you hid away because of no space. Lightweight, the Format is deceivingly strong and stabile. Choose white oak or American walnut veneers, as well as white or charcoal matte lacquer finishes, and you will have just what you need for creating an efficient and aesthetic living area.

Indoor Fireplaces

One of the best modern living room decoration ideas for 2013 is an indoor fireplace. Why not fill your home with the warmth of a hearth without the harmful emissions? Using clean burning domestic ethanol, these sculptural pieces are portable and provide an interesting and effective alternative to conventional versions.

The Mercer Fireplace

For those of you with small living rooms, Brasa’s Mercer Fireplace is a perfect example of a contemporary hearth that can be placed indoors or out. Made with a marble composite shell housing and a wide burner, the Mercer comes with a long lighter and its own control wand. Flueless, it allows heat to stay where it belongs, creating a warm aura for those cold nights where you want to curl up with a good book or a beguiling movie. Environmentally friendly, the fuel it uses is produced by sugar fermentation derived from veggies such as potatoes, beetroot, corn, and the like. Needing no vents or installation tools, this gorgeous addition to your living room will make an instant impression on your guests as they are drawn to its hypnotic and easy-to-regulate flame.

The Murano Fireplace

Brasa’s Murano Fireplace is perfect for larger spaces. Sleek and graceful, it boasts a slim burner that stays lit for hours. The Murano is made from powder coated carbon steel and tempered safety glass and makes as potent statement outdoors as it does in. The wide burner, long lighter, and control wand make it easy to use and regulate. Choose a black or white textured powder coating, or the electroplated chrome model. Either way, you will make staying at home alluring and seductive as you gaze into the dancing flames.

Wall Coverings

One of the most potent ways to change the look of any room is through wall color and design. Viesso offers a plethora of choices when it comes to contemporary wall coverings, including murals, decals, and wallpapers. We have a roster of amazing artists contributing designs that soothe or stimulate, in colors and textures that will make your home come alive.


Easy to peel off, wall decals have become one of the most popular ways to decorate. From fanciful to delicate, sci-fi to classic, Japanese influenced to psychedelic, we carry all the possibilities you could dream of to harmonize with your design aesthetic.


Coming in strips, our wall murals can be ordered to fit any wall to the inch. With striking designs, each one makes its own statement, no matter if it is a subtle or strikingly bold image.


With varying color and texture, our choice of wallpapers will definitely activate the energy in your space. With their repeating patterns, you can choose from paisley swirls, stripes, flowers, and a great deal more. Why paint your walls when you can move into a wondrous and creative future by adding unique wall art to your contemporary home?

For more information on contemporary decoration ideas for the new year, please contact our design experts by calling 877.8.VIESSO.

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