New MASHstudios Designs Available From Viesso

Viesso is proud to announce that we have added designs from MASHstudios to our collection! MASHstudios is a renowned design firm that is based in Los Angeles, California. The company specializes in creating office furniture and custom home furniture as well as residential and commercial environments. Here are a few highlights about the company and what you can expect from this new brand on Viesso.

MASHstudios designs require challenges as a part of their creation however overall they reflect a unique culture and brand. At the end of the day, the outcome is meant to be comfortable, functional and beautiful. MASHstudios focuses mainly on designing pieces of furniture to fit seamlessly into the home without being distracting or simply too much. These elements are carried throughout their entire range of offerings including desks, beds and shelves.

Back in 2002, Bernard Brucha, the founder, launched MASHstudios in order to create environments that are sustainable and that also improve the quality of the work environment for individuals that are working in an office. The key to this is to produce furniture that is designed to last while still maintaining the element of responsibility to the environment by waste reduction.

Currently Viesso is offering items from two different MASHstudios, the PCHseries and the LAXseries, both with their own unique elements.

The PCHseries by MASHstudios

The PCHseries was named in honor of the Pacific Coast Highway that is located in California. The coastline is considered to be some of the most beautiful coastline in the country. The PCHseries reflects this beauty in the sophisticated, yet relaxed elements of design. These items are made from solid teak and incorporate accents that are made from cast aluminum.

Elements of the collection involve pieces that are held up by nearly hidden blades of aluminum. These pieces are low and wide to create the feel of bulk alongside minimalism. The PCHseries is made without lacquer and has FSC certified materials.

Browse the full PCHseries collection here:

The LAXseries by MASHstudios

The LAXseries is routinely created from only the highest-grade materials such as English walnut and white aluminum that has be powder-coated. These items are then polished with a natural oil finish in order to place that final touch of warmness. The LAXseries also serves form by not including additional, unnecessary details in their designs.

The LAXseries has grown in popularity thanks to its minimalist beauty. The collection was originally conceived in New York and was later transferred to Los Angeles for the conception process. The whole purpose of the LAXseries is to promote reductive living that provides contrast with the daily bustle of urban city living. The items of the collection includes designs for all aspects of home life including tables, beds, dining sets and desks. These items are designed to stand the test of time in their aesthetic.

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Browse the full LAXseries collection here.

When it comes to the manufacturing process, the LAXseries places a focus on craftsmanship. The LAXseries items are constructed from the best quality materials in order to outlive cheaply constructed items. Clean lines in their design are intended to provide longevity. The LAXseries items are also constructed without using glues that contain formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals. MASHstudios also works to ensure that every tree is used as completely as possible in order to reduce waste. The LAXseries items are finally finished with a linseed oil that is toxin free.

If you are curiously about the new LAXseries or PCHseries items available from Viesso, we can answer your questions below. Give us a call or send us an email if you have inquiries about the availability of MASHstudios furniture collections on our site.

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