Trends for the Spring of 2013

Trends for the Spring 2013 Spring is here and you’re all probably in the thick of spring cleaning, tossing things out for recycling and trade, and thinking about how to refresh your abode with a new look for 2013. At Viesso, we’re ready, willing, and able to help you find all the furniture and accessories you need to make the leap into something fresh and indicative of the current trends.

So let’s talk about what they are, as they represent some really good thinking when it comes to what is chic, comfortable, and functional all at the same time.

Expressing Your Individual Style

In many ways, it’s never been easier to express your individual take on style. With so many new innovative ideas sprouting up from design houses all over the world, you’d be hard pressed to not find something that fits exactly with your personal expression.

Accent Colors to Create a Vibrant Home

First of all, the basic sense of things for this spring is the wide assortment of accent colors that can help you make your home warm, creative, and inviting with just a little bit of imagination. Getting away from somber tones is the name of the game, or at least highlighting them with a vibrant rug or set of pillows.

Accent Pillows

Choosing accent pillows like the Bloom decorative pillow with its exciting combination of colors that combine to make their vibrant design, is the perfect compliment to white furniture, which is also something coming to the forefront of design for this year. Using white in combination with bold colors makes a given space pop, adding life and energy, as well as a sense of space that is created by the predominance of this neutral hue.

Mixing Contemporary with Treasures and Collectables

Mixing contemporary pieces with one-of-a-kind treasures is another trend that continues to grow, as we are less inclined to turn away from the things we’ve collected over the years. By incorporating them with modern furniture, with an eye to good placement, we create an eclectic home that speaks clearly of who we are. Mixing antiques in with a streamline cabinet or highlighting collectables from your travels inside a newly designed bookcase makes each piece stand out.


Talking about specific pieces of furniture brings us to the popularity of sectionals. At Viesso, all of our sectionals can be customized to fit the size of your room, your sense of color, and your need. Whether you are entertaining friends or lounging around on a weekend with a book or a movie, a good sectional really fits the bill. Take a look, for example, at our Strata Sectional with its wide arms and deep low frame that begs you to cozy up no matter what the situation. Choose upholstery that is bold and exciting, with patterns that are easily accented by a solid rug, or go the other way round with a solid color that is highlighted by a beautifully designed rug like our Tibetan collection in oranges or reds.

Streamline Sofas and Sofa BedsTrends for the Spring 2013

Streamline sofas and sofa beds like the Unfurl, with its clean lines and less-is-more styling is very much on trend for 2013. Another thoroughly contemporary take on seating is perfectly exemplified by the Canyon Chair with Ottoman, especially for its wide range of color choices and deliciously simple silhouette that works with practically every type of décor.

Accent Chairs

Accent chairs can make a wonderful and dramatic statement in a home. The Harput Wood Lounge Chair, for example, is a sophisticated piece with its upholstered seat and backrest solidly perched on walnut legs. Elegantly conceived and constructed, you can have it upholstered in wool, leatherette, or leather upholstery in the colors of your choice.

Beds With Storage

Beds with storage are becoming increasingly desirable as our living spaces become more compact. Viesso’s Buden Platform is one of our most popular items for this year, with space cut out at the foot, as well as drawers that hold much more than you can imagine. Here again, customized to fit your specs, you will have a gorgeous solid bamboo bed that is just as much an art piece as it is a place to get comfortably horizontal every night.

Statement Lighting

Unique statement lighting that is also in equal service to function and design, is taking more of center stage today than every before. With such an amazing variety of floor, table, pendant, suspension, and other types of fixtures, you can now light up any space and any dark corner with a lamp that comes through in its own right. No longer a second cousin to the furniture around it, lamp can now be considered a true art piece, even as it performs its task as efficiently as it is built to do.

The Silva Giant and the Berlin Pendant

Have a look at the Silva Giant, made of walnut and brushed aluminum and crowned with a beautifully crafted linen shade. And what about the Berlin Pendant Lamp made of rustic mouth-blown glass that creates just the right glow?

Eco-Friendly Trends for the Spring 2013

If we were to tell you what the most predominant trend is for the spring of 2013, or for any season for that matter, it would absolutely be the predominance of eco-friendly furniture that is harvested, constructed, and produced with extreme care and respect for our environment.

An Awareness of the Impact of Selection

SC Certified woods, along with that fast growing grass, bamboo, are becoming the stars of the show, as consumers are more aware of the impact that their selections make on our surroundings. Recycled pieces that have been reconfigured as something new are making the rounds as buyers discover their unique look. Low chemical use methods in assembly are taking the place of the harsh chemicals that no longer make sense, and ethical work practices that support the people who are involved in every aspect of production are honored. This is the wave of 2013, and surely it will extend out to the future.

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