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Brand: Mamagreen

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Outdoor Carpet

The Outdoor Carpet is a great fit for both indoor and outdoor premises. Made of Batyline Canatex Loom and Border Stamskin, this carpet is tear resistant and waterproof, lending it extreme longevity. It is UV and mold resistant, ensuring that it neither sinks nor fades under extreme weather conditions. With the quick drying ability, it allows you to wash it easily and regularly, while assuring that your wet feet will not damage the carpet. Simple in design, the carpet is easy to relocate wherever required. Its eco-friendly construction makes it even better an accessory to own.

Meet the designers


The amazing brand Mamagreen aspires to create the best and most beautiful modern outdoor furniture available in the market. And through their vision of what outdoor furniture can be, they have succeeded. By utilizing creative designs and high quality materials, their pieces enhance any outdoor space in which they reside. Each piece is made with extremely high levels of craftsmanship, and using the most durable and cleanable materials. All the wood is made from reclaimed teak, and the steel is marine grade. They really focus on not only the modern look, but being comfortable and working with your modern life. Part of this is the actual design of the products in terms of how they sit and how you experience them. But it also comes down to the quality materials that they use on all their collections. For any lover of gorgeous design blended with quality, Mamagreen outdoor furniture is the perfect brand for you.