10 Luxury Dining Tables for the Modern Dining Room

A luxurious dining room is something all modern homes require. Many homeowners place great importance on their dining areas, so much so that they are no longer seen as just rooms to eat in at the end of the day.

Many who choose to work from home will use their dining room as an office space, with the area designed to bring about a sense of calm and tranquility. Many homeowners who enjoy hosting their friends and family require their dining spaces to impress those they entertain.

But whatever the primary purpose, a modern dining room starts with a luxury dining table as its centerpiece. It is usually the statement piece of furniture around which the entire rest of the room, in terms of aesthetics and features, is built.

We've got you covered if you are searching for a luxury modern dining table design for your dining room space. This article will present ten of the best luxury dining tables currently on the market before highlighting some of the most prevalent interior design trends you may wish to consider for your dream dining room space.

1.  Ethnicraft Slice Oak Dining Table

This elegant dining table design by Belgian furniture company Ethnicraft is made from solid oak. It comes in four different dimensions, ranging from 63" x 35" for more intimate gatherings right up to 87" x 39" if you have the space and are looking to host larger groups. Its minimal design makes it versatile in terms of the design aesthetics you build around it.

With a clean outline and a smooth-edged finish, we are confident that this durable and visually appealing table will find pride of place in any modern dining room.

2.  Sun at Six Crest Table

If you are looking for a bold design to impress your guests, look no further than this dining table offering from furniture studio Sun at Six. This creative piece comes in three different colors and materials (black wood, nude wood, sienna wood) and has two different dimensions, with the largest coming in at a width of 108".

These alternative design options make this a versatile table that will look good in a wide range of dining room spaces. Its unusual, curved leg design could make it an ideal choice for those of you with a slightly more quirky taste.

3.  Skagerak Denmark Georg Dining Table

This contemporary dining room table provides a simplistic and multi-functional option for your dining area. Measured to a length of 61", it is intended to seat six but can accommodate up to ten people when purchased with the Georg bench.

The table comes in four different varieties and treatments.

4.  DK3 Jeppe Utzon Dining Table

This extendable table from Danish designer Jeppe Utzon will provide a touch of class to any dining room area. With six different lengths to select from, you can be sure that this table will enhance your space no matter the size.

There is also versatility in its construction, with wild oak and walnut options in terms of the material used. If you intend to host particularly large gatherings, you can order additional extensions made to match your chosen wood. With extra stability in the form of a steel cable beneath, this table is truly a cut above the rest.

5.  Gus Bancroft Dining Table

This unusual design comes from Canadian manufacturers Gus and can comfortably sit up to eight guests. Its rounded tabletop and legs set it apart from many other offerings in luxury dining tables. It comes in walnut and white oak varieties with a range of grain patterns to suit all kinds of design and aesthetic choices.

It also comes with the added benefit of bumpers on the bottom of each table leg, which are intended to give additional protection to your flooring. It is a testament to the thought and care that has gone into the design of this special table.

6.  B&T Seri Wood Ellipse Table

If you want to create a truly unique look and feel for your dining room, look no further than this piece from Turkish manufacturer B&T. This bold design does away with traditional table legs and instead opts for extended metal profiles to keep everything stable and upright.

Its range of color and shape choices is impressive. You can select from five different color combinations as well as a round or elliptical table top, meaning that this versatile table is sure to improve any dining room area.

7.  Nikari Arkipelago KVP10 Indoor Table

Upon first glance, this luxury dining room table from Finnish designer Nikari may look a little more complex than some of the other offerings on this list, but it's actually very simple. The wedge joint solution enables fast and efficient disassembly and transport while still looking stylish.

The material used is either oak or ash wood with two sizes to choose from, giving it some versatility. It is also more than capable of handling slightly harsher conditions outdoors if you have the space available.

8.  DK3 Jewel Marble Round Dining Table

If wood is not what you're looking for on this occasion, you might wish to consider this bold marble design that brings a sense of authority to any dining room. There are three sizes to choose from, making it an excellent option for various spaces.

As the name suggests, you can choose from two marble materials; White Carrara or Black Marquina. Whichever option you select, you can be sure that this modern and elegant table will provide the perfect centerpiece for all styles and aesthetics.

9.  B&T Elusive Table

A lower price does not necessarily mean a reduction in quality and style. This simplistic dining room table is proof of this. Made from aluminum rather than wood, this modern piece is a cracking alternative and can be ordered in laminate, lacquer paint, or wood veneer.

This wide variety of finishes, coupled with the fact that you can order it in three different sizes, makes this dining room table an excellent choice for those with a slightly more modest budget.

10.  James de Wulf Ping Pong Dining Table

At the other end of the spectrum and as far as luxury dining tables go, this design from James de Wulf screams opulence and fun. Made from concrete and available in five different color tones, this piece is ideal for both indoors and outside.

That's not to mention that this table doubles up as a perfect arena for ping pong, so once the food has been served and the dishes packed away, you have a ready-made space for a fantastic evening of entertainment.

Other Design Trends to Consider

A luxury dining room is more than just its table. Homeowners everywhere are always looking for ways to keep their dining room areas fresh and exciting. Some of the most prevalent trends that appear to be gaining in popularity, or benefiting from a resurgence, include:

  • Natural lighting - after two years of being cooped up indoors, many homeowners are flooding their dining areas with as much natural light as possible. They are also doing everything they can to bring the outdoors inside, with indoor plants becoming very popular.
  • Wood-stain colors - these color palettes are ideal for making your luxury room feel warm and welcoming while still stylish.
  • Wall art - neon patterns, soft-edged, and uplifting art patterns and messages are making a big splash in many households in 2022.
  • Multi-functional - with more people than ever now working from home, it makes sense that many homeowners are doing everything they can to ensure their luxury dining room can double up as a comfortable, practical office.

Final Thoughts

The dining room table has always been a key feature of any household. It is often one of the most expensive pieces of furniture you will have to invest in, so it is important that you make the right decision for your living space.

At Viesso, our mission is to provide our customers with the finest selection of sustainable, eco-friendly pieces on the market. We choose our partners carefully, so you can be sure that any option you select from us comes from a company that shares our values and priorities.

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