Trade Program

Hello and thanks for checking out Viesso! If we haven't worked together yet, hopefully we'll have the chance and can prove to be a valuable solution for your modern furniture needs. We offer 15% off your order on every brand we sell.

To get started please provide us with a little info and we'll have you setup in no time.


Some benefits to working with Viesso...

Trade discount
For standard orders the discount is 15%, with larger discounts available for volume projects. Please note that on some brands the discount will be less, or in some cases we can't offer a discount at all. Contact if you would like to confirm which brands are included with the full trade discount. Also, note that unfortunately trade discounts can't be applied to items that are already on sale.

Options for Green Materials
We’ve compiled a great selection of modern, green materials and products.

Our Website As a Tool
Utilize our website to build your pieces and obtain the actual pricing for each order. This will make your job easier, and allow access to this information at anytime to share with your coworkers or clients. We’ll keep your orders on file and the more familiar you become with our products and custom options, the more efficient working with Viesso will be.

We Want to Make You and Your Client Happy
We've been in business since 2005, and one of the main reasons is that we do whatever it takes to make you and your clients happy. No matter what the scope of the project is, we do what we can to become a partner with you, and always look forward to earning your trust and satisfaction!