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10 Outdoor Accent Tables for Your Outside Space

Accent tables are most commonly found in indoor living spaces; however, they can be used in outdoor spaces, too.

Accent tables for outdoors may include patio accent table styles, outdoor coffee table styles, and other outdoor patio furniture.

In this post, we're going to give you an overview of some of the best accent tables for outdoors that we have in our store that can work in a variety of outdoor spaces. Take a look below now to get some inspiration.

What is an Accent Table?

An accent table is usually a side table, coffee table, or other end table that is used as a focal point in a room. It may tie together decor in a room or be used as a centerpiece in the space.

Often, these tables are found in living areas, but you can also use accent tables in your outdoor space.

What are Outdoor Accent Tables?

Outdoor coffee table styles and other garden accent furniture may be used on a patio or deck. Often, people use these areas as communal spots for entertaining, so having standout pieces of furniture can really bring the space together and help it to feel more like your indoor spaces do.

How Does an Outdoor Accent Table Work?

An accent table in an outdoor space works similarly to an indoor space. For an outdoor coffee table or other accent table, though, there are things you need to consider.

Waterproof furniture is, obviously, a must. Weather-resistant furniture means that your patio table and chairs are going to last a long time.

At Viesso, we're all about creating pieces that last, too, so you'll find that many of our outdoor table options in our shop will survive the weather outside.


There are also different types of patio accent tables. These include:

  • Outdoor coffee table styles, like the ones you find indoors. These can sit among outdoor sofas and chairs to create a nice, homely, and comfortable feel on your deck.
  • Outdoor dining tables stand out and also offer an excellent place for you to eat with your family.
  • Outdoor side table styles, where you can place potted plants and more.

10 Outdoor Accent Tables

Outdoor accent tables can be used in many ways, including for dining and lounging.

Below, we've curated a list of our top ten accent tables for outdoor spaces. We can guarantee you'll find something you love on this list.

#1 Airloop Round Table

The Airloop Round Table is a small steel-sheet side table that can be used for outdoor dining with small groups or as a side table in your lounge area. It comes in a number of colors, which means you'll definitely be able to find the style you want, and offers clean lines for a contemporary feel.

#2 Baia HPL Aluminum Dining Table

This aluminum dining table is perfect for large groups looking to dine outdoors. It is extendable, too, so if your party suddenly grows, you're already prepared.

The Baia table comes in many colors, and you can mix and match the frame and tabletop colors.

#3 Aspect Outdoor Dining Table

The Aspect Outdoor Dining Table has a black fossil tabletop with wooden legs, providing a sleek and elegant style, perfect for a chic dining space on your deck.

This style also comes in a round shape, so if you prefer this shape, then it's available too!

#4 Bellevie Large Low Table

The Bellevie table is a steel sheettop table that comes in many, many colors. It's the perfect coffee table for your outdoor space and can withstand the elements, too.

If you want a bright and colorful statement in your backyard, this might be the perfect outdoor accent coffee table for you.

#5 Level Coffee Table

The Level Coffee Table is a wood table with a coated aluminum frame, though it also can come with a concrete tabletop. It is available as both a side table and a coffee table and could end your search for the perfect accent table right now if you want a modern and stylish choice.

Like some of the other choices on this page, this side table also comes in a larger size, so can be used for dining or storing pots and other garden equipment.

#6 Lorette Oval Table

The Lorette Oval Table is a six-seat steel frame table with an intricately laser-cut design in the middle. This table is excellent for anyone looking to add a touch of something different to their outdoor space. With lots of different colors available, this dining table can suit a range of spaces.

#7 Selandia Extendable Table

The Selandia Extendable Table is an excellent choice for those looking for something a little sturdier than a rattan accent table but still want the rustic and wooden aesthetic. As an extendable table, this makes a great central piece for a family space with the added benefit of being able to seat more people if required.

#8 Hayman Coffee Table

The Hayman Coffee Table comes in both white and black and is the perfect addition to a contemporary outdoor living space. As an aluminum-coated table, it is weather-resistant and serves as a place to keep your drinks and snacks as you socialize with friends.

#9 Louver Side Table

The Louver Side Table is an outdoor side table made of teak wood. Its sizeable square shape makes it a good choice for a spacious deck with wooden lounge furniture. It can add a bit of rustic charm to an otherwise sleek space but could also fit with a more colorful set of lounge furniture.

#10 Vaucluse Side Table

With its patterned table top and sleek design, the Vaucluse Side Table is an excellent side table for a patio lounging area or as a plant table to add a decorative edge to your deck. It comes in both white and black, so you can choose the perfect color for your preferences.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Table for Your Space

So, how do you pick between these ten excellent accent table options?

First, consider what kind of table you want. Do you want a dining table or an outdoor coffee table? The space you're decorating may determine this. For example, if you're looking to improve your dining space, then a coffee or side table probably isn’t the best choice.

You should next consider the material you want for your table. Steel and coated aluminum are both popular choices because of their durability. However, wood also gets used often in outdoor furniture and can add a bit of rustic charm to your space.

You should then consider color. Do you want a table in a bold color, or would you prefer natural wood?

Lastly, consider the kind of style you want. Is your space sleeker and contemporary, or are you going for homey and comforting?

Remember that the accent table you choose should suit your preferences and should be designed to last. At Viesso, we're proud to stock plenty of custom-made, sustainable, and long-lasting table choices.


This list covers our top ten accent tables for your outdoor space. They come in a variety of styles and uses, meaning that whatever you need from your table, we can help.

Check out our entire range of outdoor furniture to find more options to decorate your deck or patio now.

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