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10 Outdoor Spots to Dine For

The summer is slowly beginning to wind down, which means there is only a certain amount of time left to throw that fabulous outdoor dinner party that you’ve got all planned out in your mind. Naturally, it’s an easy way to show off all of your amazing modern outdoor furniture, and inspire jealousy amongst your loved ones. Plus, since we know you didn’t get around to seeing half of those previously mentioned loved ones quite yet, this is your chance to get them all to come to you! Not to mention, we know there’s a summer recipe you spied on pinterest that has been calling your name since the cold, dark months of winter. Now is the time, friends.

To encourage you just a touch more, we’ve compiled this delicious collection of outdoor dining areas. We are talking modern outdoor furniture done right. Perfect accessories (our favorite is nature), perfect lighting, perfect views, and just right for a Sunday brunch, a Wednesday cook-out, or a Saturday birthday party. Yikes, at this rate, you’ll be having a gathering every day from now until fall. Do remember to send an invitation our way. Thanks, in advance.

If you host (or have hosted) a summer get-together, send us your pics via Twitter or Facebook! We’d love to check out your modern outdoor furniture style.