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18 Modern Housewarming Gifts To Send a Warm Welcome

Moving into a new home is a major life event and deserves to be awarded with a thoughtful gift.

Before buying your gift, it's a good idea to think hard about your friend's or family member's style and aesthetic. Would they prefer something practical, like a kitchen gadget, or a luxurious gift, like an oil diffuser?

You also need to consider your budget and what you're willing to spend on their present. Luckily we've included some cheaper present ideas that won't break the bank.

If you're still stuck on what to buy, read on to discover the 18 best housewarming gifts to make your friend feel right at home.

1. Potted plant

If the homeowners have only just settled in, it's unlikely they'll have bought smaller items such as plants and decor.

We recommend gifting them with a potted plant, such as cacti or succulents, to brighten their new home.

2. Luxury towel set

There's nothing better than stepping out of the shower and into a warm and soft towel. Why not buy a set as a housewarming gift for the ultimate comfort?

3. Picture frames

Photos of family and friends can instantly make a house feel like a home.

Buy multiple photo frames as a housewarming gift and watch their new space transform.

4. Engraved cheese board

The best housewarming gifts are personalized.

Treat your new homeowner to a cheese board engraved with the family name for an extra special present.

5. Cozy throw

Consider buying a cozy throw and pillow set for a comforting housewarming gift.

Your friend or family will appreciate the instant feeling of coziness that a throw will bring to their space.

6. Cocktail glasses

Why not bring brand-new cocktail glasses to the housewarming party?

Choose a color and style that suits the aesthetic of your new homeowner - this makes for a practical housewarming gift, especially if your friend or family member likes to host a good dinner party.

7. Oil diffuser

There's nothing better than a nice-smelling home. To help your friend or family member settle into their new pad, buy them an oil diffuser.

It will last far longer than scented candles and allows the homeowner to choose their favorite smells to fill the air.

8. Wine rack

If your friend or family member enjoys a glass of wine, consider treating them to a wine rack to store their favorite bottles.

This is one of the best housewarming gifts for those that enjoy a drink. Fill the rack with your gift receiver's favorite wine to elevate your gift.

9. Herb garden

For a new homeowner passionate about food, we recommend buying them a herb garden. Fresh herbs elevate the taste of food far more than dried ones and are something your friend or family might not have considered buying before moving in.

Combine your herb garden with extra virgin olive oil to elevate your gift further.

This is the perfect housewarming gift for a homeowner that considers themselves a chef.

10. Hamper

A hamper is one of the best housewarming gift ideas, as you can customize the gifts depending on your friend's or family member's interests.

Add wine, cheese, or extra virgin olive oil to your hamper gift. This thoughtful gift shows that you know your new homeowner deeply.

11. Candles

Candles are an excellent gift for recent homeowners and add a touch of warmth and homeliness to any new space.

12. Speaker

Music adds ambiance to a home and is a perfect gift for those moving into a new pad. For the ideal gift, buy your homeowner a new speaker and get partying!

13. Alarm clock

Consider buying an alarm clock to help your new homeowner get a good night's rest. This will stop them from oversleeping and remind them when it's time to get to bed.

An alarm clock makes the perfect housewarming gift for friends and family that often oversleep.

For an extra special gift, we recommend a sunrise alarm clock designed to awaken your sleepy homeowner gently.

14. Reading light

For avid readers, a reading light makes a thoughtful housewarming gift. Choose from a floor lamp perfect for living rooms or a table lamp that could be used in a bedroom.

15. Vase

There's nothing nicer than a fresh bunch of flowers. Brighten your friend or family member's home by gifting them a new vase.

This is a great housewarming gift, especially paired with their favorite flower.

16. Bath set

A great gift for lovers of bath time, a luxury bath set complete with bubble bath, bombs, and scrubs is a must-have present to make your new homeowner feel special.

17. Cocktail shaker

One of the best housewarming gifts you can buy socializers is a cocktail shaker since they can host friends and family and experiment with making cocktails.

18. Electric kettle

An electric kettle is a kitchen essential and, therefore, a no-brainer as a moving-in present. For a practical yet thoughtful gift for their new house, buy a kettle or similar kitchen appliances such as a toaster or microwave.

Final thoughts

We understand that finding the right housewarming gift can be tricky, especially if the homeowner has already started decorating. When picking out a gift, it's essential to consider the style and aesthetic of your gift receiver before deciding. 

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