18 Ways to Make Your House Look Expensive(Using Interior Design Tricks! )

We all desire a beautiful lavish-looking home where we can proudly invite friends over to show it off. But, sadly, our pockets do not always agree with our desires. So what do we do to satisfy these longings?

If you are on a tight budget, the easiest way to improve your house’s design is to follow some simple tips and tricks to give it the expensive aesthetics you crave.

You can make your house look expensive using interior design tricks that include repainting, incorporating wallpapers, adding plants, hanging wall art, decluttering, integrating neutral colors, using lighting, buying home scents, and using floor-to-ceiling drapes.

With the skyrocketing home prices and rents in the US, there is little or no budget left for your dream interior home decor. Worst still, you cannot afford a professional interior designer.

But worry not, because you can create that exquisite apartment design and give it that wow effect all by yourself, without breaking the bank. 

Keep reading to get acquainted with 18 simple interior design tricks that will give your home a lap of luxury even if you're on a paycheck-to-paycheck budget.

1. Repaint your walls and doors

Man on ladder repairing wall

Repainting your walls and doors will totally overhaul the appearance of your home and give it this impressive grandeur. Choose a neutral color palette such as white, grey, or cream.

These neutral color schemes never go out of fashion and will give your home a warm look.

Repainting is like the veneer your home needs to change its looks automatically. It will help enhance your interior design and give it a splendid appearance. 

Also, repainting your ceiling will dramatically affect your home's overall outlook and make it stand out in style.

2. Use wallpapers

Wall with clock

Depending on your taste, wallpapers are an excellent choice for your home decor in place of painting. Using wallpaper with a simple design will make your home glamorous and ultimately change its looks.

They are the best option if you want to integrate different patterns, designs, and color palettes in your space.

Most importantly, they are cost-effective compared to paint because they last longer than the latter. With wallpaper, you wouldn't need to bother repainting your house in the next 15 years. 

3. Display flowers and plants

Various plants in pots

Displaying flowers and plants in empty corners of your home introduces that upscale atmosphere in your home.

The exciting thing about this addition is that you do not need to spend a lot to get a good plant. Check out that plant vendor closest to you and get one that matches your budget.

Adding houseplants and flowers integrates nature into your interior design and are quite delightful to the eyes.

4. Go big on wall art

Living room with art on wall

Buying a large framed wall art will elevate the look of your house design and give your home an illusion of affluence.

Let me tell you a little secret; people assume that having artwork in your home signifies wealth. While that is true when it's an expensive art piece, it's not always the case.

Art is associated with luxury because you have to be filthy rich to spend thousands of dollars on a framed art, but you do not need to be rich to be an art collector. 

You can get affordable ones in your local pawn shop, an emerging artist, or smaller galleries. The art does not need to be expensive, but the size will make it look extravagant. The goal is to look rich without being rich, right?

5. Declutter your space

Decluttering your home will make your house look well arranged, chic, and elegant in style.

The secret of decluttering is to apply the 20/20 rule by minimalists Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus if you want to find out how to make decluttering decisions.

The rule states that, if you can replace an item for less than $20 and in less than 20 minutes, you should get rid of it.

Remember that the plan is to create an expensive-looking space, not a disorganized one. Having extra accessories may look nice, but less is more.

Having a heavily cluttered space smells cheap and will never give your home that upscale look you are gunning for.

6. Incorporate neutral color schemes

Small dining area

A neutral color palette for your base pieces is the way to go if you want to get that upscale look in your home. Beige tones, hues of white, and grey should be the colors of choice for your furniture, curtains, drapes, and other home accessories.

Neutral colors not only give that plush look, but they also give you that warm feeling. Remember when you visited that luxury hotel and how the neutral colors they used gave you that welcoming and calming effect?

And most importantly, they are always trendy. Neutral color schemes are always embraced by fashionable individuals who love flowing with the tides.

7. Use a creative lighting technique

Wooden Table in Kitchen area

Lighting can change the overall ambiance of your home and give it an opulent and sophisticated appearance.

Layer the lighting in your house to give it that illusion of space and a swanky facelift by including the three basic lighting types: ambient, task, and accent.

Ambient lighting is made up of the natural light coming in through your window and the artificial overhead light in your ceiling. It provides the illumination required to see all the corners of your home and is a substitute for natural light.

They include certain light sources such as pot lights, wall sconces, buffer lamps, chandeliers, and floor lamps. If you can afford it, throw in an affordable chandelier to give your home that posh look.

Task lighting is used to perform specific tasks such as cooking, reading, or writing. Integrate it into your lighting design by buying a simple lamp shade, under cabinet lights, pendant lighting, and table lamp.

This helps to enhance the function of a specific area in your homes, such as your reading area, workspace, or countertop.

Accent lighting adds decorative touches to your lighting design by focusing on a particular area or a specific object. It complements the other layers by adding a dramatic effect to the lighting design.

8. Get premium home fragrances


Use essential oil, scented candles, and diffusers to make your home smell rich.

You can spot a classy home when you are greeted with a pleasant aroma immediately after you walk in. Make a statement with that fanciful scent in your home and let the first breath people draw in when they step into your home give them a whiff of wealth. 

Also, have you noticed that the aroma of that luxury hotel you lodged in the other time made you sleep better? That is precisely what it can do to your home.

And you do not need to spend big money to get these aromas. Instead, just invest in affordable home fragrances that will make your apartment have a pleasant smell.

9. Use a mixture of textiles

Formal living space

When choosing your furniture design, use a variety of textures and sizes to make them look exciting, striking, and fanciful. Integrate different patterns, colors, and materials.

Using the exact texture of materials for your furniture will give it a boring look. Instead, employ different textures and sizes for your sofa, drapes, and pillows.

10. Choose floor-to-ceiling drapes/curtains

bedroom with drapes

Hanging your curtains and drapes high up the ceiling will give your home that luxe appearance you crave. In addition, it provides an illusion of space by making the room larger and the walls taller.

Floor-to-ceiling drapes make your space have a large and stylish appearance.

Choosing a light fabric gives room for natural light to flood in and make it have that warm feeling.

11. Buy fake built-in furniture

Add a piece of fake built-in furniture in any space in your home to elevate the look of your interior designs. This can be a bookcase, shelf, closet, or window seat.

This fake built-in furniture will give your home a splendid architectural design and creative appearance.

12. Use white bedding

White bedding

You can never go wrong with white bedding. A white fitted sheet, bedspread, duvet, and pillowcases will give your bedroom luxurious aesthetics as you see in high-end hotels.

It will make your room warm, cozy, and flashy and make you sleep better.

13. Pay attention to your headboard designs

The headboard designs of your bed will automatically change the overall appearance of your bedroom and make it snazzy.

The bedframe does not have to be expensive. You can use a platform bed with a beautiful headboard design that will make a statement once someone walks into your room.

It will transform your room and make it look posh. When you match it with that white bed linen, you have a luxury-looking bedroom.

14. Incorporate a decorative mirror

small mirror

Include a reflective mirror on your wall to make your house look brighter, more expensive, and more spacious.

Hanging a large mirror on the wall of your room will instantly add glamor to your space.

These decorative mirrors will modify your home by reflecting light, creating space, and enhancing your interior design.

15. Change your hardware

One way to transform your interior decor and give your space a facelift is by upgrading the hardware.

You do not need a complete renovation to achieve this. This could mean changing the door or furniture knob, curtain rods and spraying the cabinets and dresser.

16. Add matching set pieces for your essentials

Getting set pieces to place your essentials in your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or bathroom will enhance the decor of your house.

These sets are pretty inexpensive and will upgrade the look of your home and improve its richness.

17. Get layered textile designs

Coffee Table with plant and sofa in rear

Elevating the appearance of your home by integrating layered textile designs such as plush throws, blankets, and other accessories will transform the look of your home.

Mix it up with different textures, patterns, and colors and give it that luxurious look you're aiming for.

18. Get a large rug

Living room with large rug

Seal the overall look of your home by buying a large center rug that enhances the visual appearance of your space.

A large-looking rug will add warmth and coziness to your home and give it an elegant look. It does not have to be an expensive rug. You can visit a thrift store to choose one that suits your color patterns and enhances your decor.


If you're creative, you can accomplish more with less by transforming your home into a posh and exquisite nest that will impress your guests.

You can achieve this by employing all the above-mentioned interior decoration tricks, including repainting, incorporating wallpapers, adding plants, hanging large wall art, decluttering, integrating neutral colors, using lighting, buying home scents, and using floor-to-ceiling drapes.

To get that affordable furniture design that will give you upscale home aesthetics with a charming effect, check out Viesso today to make a pick.

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