5 Delightful Dining Table Décor Ideas for a Luxurious Feel

Whether you think that your dining room table looks a bit bare or you're looking to tie all your decor together in your dining room, dining table decor ideas might be just the thing you need to bring a little bit of luxury to your dining space.

In this guide, we've created a list of some everyday dining table decor ideas that you can use to spruce up your space and tie all your designs together in one place. We've also included a few brief ideas for holiday decor on your dining table too! Check it out now.

Dining Room Table Decor Ideas

From candle holders and decorative items to table runners, linens, and floral arrangements, there is so much to choose from when it comes to dining room table decor. Our inspirational ideas are listed below for you to peruse.

#1 Using Elegant Tableware and Dinnerware

Your dining room table is the perfect place to display that fancy dinnerware you got on your wedding day that you've never really had a use for. If your dining table is rarely used, you can place the plates, side plates, and bowls out at each place setting and have the dining table constantly set up.

If your wedding china is too precious or in a less-than-stellar state, then you could take the time to find a tableware set that matches your decor and pulls all design aspects together in your dining room. Consider the color of the dinnerware and cutlery, along with any stylish glasses and napkins you can find.

Tabletop decor doesn't just have to be decorative items; it can be fully functional, too.

Using dinnerware as a dining table decor style lends itself well to large dining table styles, particularly long rectangular tables. Our Double Extendable Dining Table and Elusive Table would both work well for this kind of decor.

#2 Table Runners, Linens, and Other Textiles

Whether you only get your table runner out at Christmas or you've never actually owned good table linens, it's time to change your attitude toward tablecloths. Using high-quality linen made from luxurious fabrics, like silk and velvet, can make your dining room table look decadent and beautiful.

You can layer colors and designs with a contrasting table runner. You could even add texture with napkins and placemats. Consider how your dining table decor would complement the rest of the room. Could you use completely contrasting colors on the walls and floor? Or might you add a bold color to a minimalist room?

Square and rectangle dining room tables, like the Nardo Dining Table, lend themselves particularly well to the use of linens, but this shouldn't stop you from covering circular or oval-shaped dining tables either.

#3 Stunning Centerpiece Ideas

A table centerpiece is an excellent method of dining table decor. It could be added to tie together your linens and table runner or placed on a bare table in a minimalist dining space.

You can make a gorgeous centerpiece from a great variety of items. You might choose high-quality fake flowers in pretty vases for a floral centerpiece that requires very little maintenance. You might also look into traditional candle holders, like candelabras or decorative lanterns, for a decadent focal point.

You can also explore shapes when it comes to a table centerpiece.

For example, a round table lends itself to a 360-degree focal point. This might mean a vase filled with a faux bloom, whereas a line of exciting candle holders may work better on a rectangular table.

#4 Mood Lighting, Candles Holders, and Other Light Decorating Ideas

Another way to add creative centerpieces to your dining table is to utilize light. We've already mentioned candle holders and candelabras, but you might also use faux candles, ornamental candles like those poured into exciting shapes, or scented candles for a low-key way to decorate your dining room.

In addition, a light fixture, like a chandelier or pendant, can provide decoration to your dining table, too. You might choose a low-hanging light to improve the lighting and build ambiance in your dining room.

Our Caravaggio Pendant lights can add something to a minimalist space, whereas something more decadent, like our Illana Pendant or Rio Pendant, could add that touch of elegance and luxury you're looking for.

#5 Greenery, Fresh Flowers, and Other Natural Elements

Lastly, why not consider bringing a bit of nature to your dining room table? You might consider potted plants or succulents for a minimalist addition to your dining table. These could be placed in clean and simple vases to keep the whole space looking modern.

You might also want to go for a boldly shaped vase and a bloom bursting with color to add something to a monochrome space.

If flowers and plants aren't your thing or they don't fit in your dining room, you could also consider other natural elements. This might include driftwood, seashells, or even polished stones and crystals. Depending on the decor in your dining room as a whole, this kind of natural element might be just the thing to tie the whole room together.

Dining Table Decoration Ideas for Events

If you're in need of some inspiration for dining room table decorations for events and holidays, then we've covered that below, too!

Dining Table Decor Ideas for Dinner Parties

For dinner parties, you will likely want your dining table less cluttered. There's no point inviting people over if you can't see them through all the fresh flowers and foliage!

You could opt for quality linens and a contrasting table runner to keep things simple. Or add candles and mood lighting to improve the ambiance as you entertain your guests.

If you're having a more intimate dinner or you're cooking a romantic meal, consider low lighting and a few flowers to round out the entire space. Matching your vases and candle holders to the rest of your dining room will ensure that the space exudes elegance.

Dining Room Table Decorating Ideas for Holidays

Holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, are another time you might consider decorating your dining room table (and maybe your entire dining room, too!)

For both of these holidays, the first thing you should consider is the theme. You can usually find tons of decorative items in shops around these times of year to create an elegant (or not-so-elegant) dining table.

As mentioned above, remember that if you've got family and friends at your dining table, you likely want to see them, so don't add so much to the table that you're unable to see their faces!

For Christmas, we like to look for fresh winter flowers along with themed napkins and matching ring holders. You might even consider folding the napkins into interesting shapes to add to the elegance of your table.

At Thanksgiving, we like to lean into the fall colors of that time of year. Consider natural elements, candles, and fall-colored linens.


Your dining room table is a great place to tie a room together. You can add decorative items or linens that pull different design elements into one space, and it can add elegance to the room as a whole. Consider how often you use your dining room table before decking it out in grand items that you then need to remove daily!

If you're looking into renovating your whole dining space, then Viesso has you covered. We have an incredible range of artisan dining tables, chairs, dining benches, and sideboards. Check out the whole of our dining inventory here.

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