8 Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas for Your Home

The Scandinavian style has been a popular aesthetic choice for many homeowners since its inception in the 1950s. Characterized by a dedication to minimalism and simplicity, with the versatility to cater to interior spaces of all sizes, the Scandi style is a sure-fire way to bring elegance and inspiration to any modern home.

When it comes to the bedroom specifically, Scandinavian design has evolved over the years and is now a staple choice for homes worldwide. Neutral tones, open space, and rustic furniture designs are all popular features of a Scandinavian-style bedroom. It is an aesthetic that exudes the cold, fresh feel of the far north while maintaining a cozy atmosphere.

This article will explore the benefits that the Scandinavian bedroom decor can bring to a house before presenting eight ideas and features that you should look to include in your modern Scandi bedroom.

Why should I choose a Scandinavian-style bedroom?

Choosing the right style for your modern bedroom can often be tricky. With so many styles and aesthetics to select from, it isn't easy to know what will best suit your living space.

However, there are some key advantages and benefits that Scandinavian bedrooms may have over other design choices.


Scandinavian homes are often defined by a neutral color palette throughout. While this can often be seen as a safe option, it allows for a high level of versatility regarding the furniture within the room. A neutral color scheme offers the perfect backdrop for wood tones and textures that are popular for the modern bedroom.


With Scandinavian bedrooms, there are no gimmicks or over-the-top features. The style is known for its minimalist aesthetic that avoids clutter that makes the most of natural light and space. As such, a Scandinavian bedroom is usually straightforward when it comes to cleanliness and organization.


Scandinavian-style furniture is defined by its functionality and clean lines. This means that a room in the Scandi style can get away with having a select few pieces while still having the necessary storage space. As a result, even the smallest rooms can feel more prominent with a Scandinavian-inspired design.


As with anything, when it comes to designing your bedroom, you get what you're willing to pay for. However, many designers from Scandinavian countries are driven by the principle that their designs should be accessible to everyone. As such, creating stunning Scandi rooms with reasonably modest budgets is possible.

Stylish Scandinavian bedroom ideas and features

Now that you know of the benefits a Nordic style can bring to your home, you may wonder how to achieve this popular, elegant aesthetic. Here at Viesso, we have created a list of popular Scandi-style ideas and features that you may wish to incorporate into your bedroom to create the perfect modern look.

Neutral shades

A typical design choice for Scandinavian bedroom decor is simply going for white walls. This offers the ultimate in neutrality and can complement most other aesthetics and furniture arrangements. However, off-white shades work just as effectively with grays, pale blues, and creams all effective options.

These color schemes should not just be for the walls but your duvets and accessories as well. Our ivory duvet cover is the perfect example of an ideal Scandi-style aesthetic, as well as our cotton blankets.

Varied textures

While the color palettes of most Nordic-inspired rooms are often simplistic, the textures within the space can often be more varied and ambitious. Rustic, rough-and-ready bed sheets and rugs should take center stage in a Scandinavian bedroom drawn from the cold atmosphere of the far north.

Our jewel beige duvet cover will easily fulfill this requirement. Or maybe our hand-knotted native rug might be exactly what you're looking for.

Painted floorboards

Keeping in line with the rustic, natural feel that epitomizes the Scandinavian style, painted floorboards are often an appealing feature for your bedroom. The natural wood texture coupled with the addition of rugs can combine to give your room an authentic Nordic vibe. A white floor can often go well with other aspects of the room that take on darker hues.

Mid-century furniture

As mentioned previously, the simplicity of Scandi bedroom designs, in terms of colors and organization, will generally mean that many furniture styles will fit seamlessly into a Scandinavian aesthetic. Made from natural materials (most notably teak) and designed with natural tones, mid-century furniture will find a place in most Scandinavian bedrooms.

For all your storage needs, consider our Oscar teak sideboard or our rustic side table.

Natural light

A fundamental principle of any Scandinavian-inspired look involves using as much natural light as possible, allowing you to be connected with your natural surroundings. Consider installing large windows that will flood your space with bright lighting during the day. If you have limited space, make sure that your windows are covered with blinds or shutters rather than heavy curtains.

Authentic wall paneling

If bare white walls are a little too simplistic for your taste, consider installing wood panels for your bedroom. This is another excellent way to create an authentic, rustic feel for your space, with panels offering a sense of being one with nature. You can pair this wall design with both mid-century and vintage furniture to give your bedroom a varied, unique feel.

Bright furnishings and accessories

Perhaps you want to go slightly against the grain and are less enamored with the idea of white walls and fixtures. Fortunately, more modern takes on the Scandinavian style incorporate bright colors and more adventurous features while still maintaining the overall aesthetic. Geometric prints and fabrics, decorative pillows, and tones such as burnt orange and blush pink can all find a place in today's Scandinavian bedroom.

Our decorative pillows from UK-based designer Area might be an excellent choice for your more daring Scandinavian-inspired bedroom.

Soft lighting

If natural lighting is difficult to come by in your part of the world, then soft, warm lighting is the way to go. Rather than flooding the room with bright overhead lights, create pools or warmth around the space with smaller lights or candles. It is a staple feature of Scandinavian bedroom decor that will leave your sleeping area feeling cozy and welcoming.

Final Thoughts

It is difficult to go wrong with a Scandinavian bedroom. Its overarching design principle demands that it is easily accessible to everyone with huge scope in terms of design choices and aesthetics. If you want to create a genuinely comforting and relaxed atmosphere to come home to at the end of the day, look no further than a bedroom space designed in a Scandinavian style.

At Viesso, we are proud to offer a vast range of furniture and accessories that fit the Scandinavian aesthetic, as well as dozens of other design choices. Our mission is to provide customers with authentic, high-quality furniture that has been designed using sustainable, eco-friendly techniques and practices. You can rest assured that the partners we choose to work with share these core principles.

If you require additional information on any of our products or have any other queries or questions, do not hesitate to get in touch. Additionally, why not check out this article on choosing the ideal color combinations for your furniture.

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