A Bamboo Conference Room Table Graceful, Modern, and Unique

Most business owners and managers would agree that the conference room is the most important area in the office. This is the place where company creatives come together for a common goal, where meetings occur, where clients and potential customers come to learn more, and where your staff gets together for coffee and parties.

The Heart of Your Brand

Your conference room is the heart of your brand. It is here that the brains behind your business conspire to create the structure on which your successes will rest. It is where common goals and visions meet. It’s a place that deserves your utmost attention.

Speaking Volumes About What You Stand For

Like everything in your office, your conference table speaks volumes about what you stand for. It is a part of your external image, accommodating your needs and the tasks at hand, but also spelling out your attitude and the climate of your business culture.

Considering the Proportions of Your Space

When searching for the right conference table, there are several essentials that should be taken into consideration. The most obvious one is the size of your office. You don’t want to overwhelm the space with furniture, and surely you will have other pieces, along with appropriate seating. You need to have a table large enough to accommodate a number of people, while also giving them enough space to push their chairs away and walk around. You want the room to feel ample so that creative thinking can take off, so consider your proportions carefully.

Choosing a Shape

You also want to think about the proximity of each person to the other, with an undeniable leadership position at the head of the table, or a feeling of collaboration where everyone is considered equally important. No matter what shape you choose,everyone should be able to see each other clearly.

Creating an Atmosphere, Precedent, and Mood

Speaking of shape, this is an aspect of your conference table that is extremely important in terms of creating an atmosphere, precedent, and mood. A round table is an equalizer, with no one in a more important position than another. A rectangular table, on the other hand, establishes a hierarchy, with one person more prominently placed than the others.

Creating a Seamless Look

Another consideration is in choosing a style that matches your décor and other artistic features of your office. A seamless look indicates attention to detail and inspires confidence.

Deciding on Features

Deciding on what features you need is another important factor. If you need data and electrical ports, then the conference table you choose should accommodate wiring in a neat and contemporary fashion.

Choosing Eco-Friendly Furniture

A consideration that is becoming more and more predominant these days is choosing eco-friendly construction over conventional processes. At Viesso, we pay special attention to how our furniture impacts the environment, with a concerted eye to making our pieces as Green as we can. Additionally, every piece we make can be customized exactly to your specifications.

The Plyned Conference Table

One of the most desirable pieces in our collection is our Plyned Conference Table. A bamboo conference table that looks as contemporary as they come, it can be sized to the inch to fit your office dimensions to a T.

The Benefits of Bamboo

We’re sure you know the benefits of bamboo by now, but let us give you a little reminder. Bamboo is a completely sustainable material. It is a super fast growing grass that doesn’t need replanting because of a terrific root system that produces shoots that replicate the plant on an ongoing basis. Its wood is pliable and durable and it doesn’t contract or expand like many hard woods do. Additionally, it can withstand many harsh conditions, and has impeccable longevity, making it a great investment regardless of our reasonable price! Bamboo also has a wonderful grain that is very receptive to staining, allowing for a wide range of hues.

Helping to Preserve the Environment

Our belief in sustainable wood comes from our respect for preserving the environment in any way we can. By choosing sustainability you are promoting conservation, biodiversity, worker’s rights, conscious management practices, protecting the natural habitat of wildlife, preventing soil erosion, and so much more.

Chic Simplicity that Makes an Impression

The Plyned Conference Table is a modern beauty, with solid bamboo layered together to create a stylish surface. With a trough that is perfectly created for cord management, you can run all of your cables through the bottom area where up to the top surface without worrying about tangles or other complications. With its low VOC matte finish, the table has a chic simplicity that goes a long way in making a very good impression.

The Best Designs for Any Interior Space

At Viesso, we build all of our furniture only when it is ordered and paid for, which means that there are no wasted materials. Made in Los Angeles, our company features some of the best designs for any type of interior space.

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