A Cabin In The Woods

For those outside of our Southern California headquarters, winter is in full swing. There was a polar vortex, among lots of snow and ice and rain, and, well, cold weather. Despite all of this, when we think of winter, we tend to start daydreaming about a warm, cozy cabin. And how we’d decorate it, of course.

More on what we’d furnish our dream cabin with after the jump.

Since it’s the tiniest touches that make a house a home, we’d be sure to bring along: the Long Horn (a bright orange metal alternative to a traditional taxidermy style), the Ghost Fireplace (to stay cozy on those cold winter nights), the Therm-O Terra (great for a hot cup of tea at home or a refreshing ice-cold water while out exploring), and the Shadow Puppet variety of the Graphic Pillow set (because what says cabin vacation more than shadow puppets?).

As no cabin is complete without a comfy bed, we’d furnish ours with the Buden Bed, one of our own Viesso line designs. Not only stunning in looks, made from solid bamboo, but this bed is also practical as it provides extra storage. Since most cabins don’t often have extra closet space on hand, this bed is a perfect fit.

Another must have for any space is a great dining table. When thinking of a cabin vibe, we immediately thought of the LAX Edge Dining Table. With seating up to eight, you can definitely bring along an extra guest or two. For a woodsy feel, we think pairing the table with the LAX Dining Bench is sure to be a great (and comfy) fit.

And last but not least, a few final touches for our dream Cabin-in-the-woods home: the Geneva Wireless World Radio (just in case the power goes out, this compact item will provide over 5 hours of use), the William Slate Grey Blanket (because comfortable blankets are a must-have, and these one is so very wintery), the Thompson Chair SE (perfect as a stand-alone piece, or to pop at the end of the LAX Edge Dining table, seen above), and the Bamboo Serving Tray (for lazy mornings, breakfast in bed style, or to hold game day snacks on).

Tell us, what would your dream cabin have? Would you rather be spending a winter vacation somewhere warm? Let us know in the comments or over on Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you! Regardless of where you are, we hope you stay warm during this cold weather, and as always, excited about modern design.

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