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You may have noticed already, but we’re big fans of design. All kinds, really. We happen to be partial to modern design but we appreciate, admire, and enjoy all types of design. Today, we tip our hats to interior design that features typography.

And in case you’re itching for something crafty that includes power tools, check out how to make a light-up headboard like the “Sleepover” one seen above. Send us photos if you make this, we’ll be impressed.

The thing we love best about all of these spaces is how unique they are. The use of font, lettering, style, and use of typography varies so much from room to room. Typography in modern design has a whole other feel than typography in country, chic, or classic interior design.

Do you think typography works easily in interior design? Have you been able to work text into the design of your home? Are you completely against the look? Tell us in the comments below!

Make sure to share your photos with us on instagram, too. We love sneak peaks into the interior design of your home.

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