Advantages of Custom Sectionals

Custom sectionals are excellent options for practical furniture that will work in both small and large spaces. This is because of the fact that sectionals contain many different options for individual pieces. A sectional works great in your living room and can fit into almost any interior design imaginable. A section will allow you to add variety, flexibility and value to one of the highest traffic areas of you home so that you can get maximum use from your space. With a sectional, you can move the pieces around as you please and you can also obtain additional features such as a sofa bed option to increase the usability of the space.

Custom Sectional Options Allow Flexibility

In addition to providing all of these great benefits, adding a custom sectional to your home will allow you to save money. Furnishing a living room with individual items like a traditional sofa, loveseat or a chair will cost you a lot more than a sectional that has an equal number of available seats. Most sectional collections have at least a few pieces that you can arrange as you like. Here are the basic components that you will be able to add when purchasing a custom sectional.

Unlike traditional sofas, a sectional typically does not have arms. This makes it possible for you to rearrange the pieces of the sectional as you see fit and have them all fit together seamlessly. The armless components can also make your sectional feel more comfortable because your guests won’t feel confined to their seats as they might feel while sitting on a traditional sofa. This is an important distinction, especially if you will be using the sectional sofa for entertaining.

When you are trying to select seats for your custom sectional, make sure that you select enough seats so that you can accommodate at least a few guests or family members at one time. When it comes to selecting additional non-seating components such as a sofa bed option, chaise or Ottoman, make sure that you do not choose to many of these items so that the space is not accessible thanks to all of the sectional components.

If you will put a custom sectional in the corner of a room, you will need to make sure that your sectional arrangement contains a corner wedge. Most wedges are designed to create a 90 degree angle with the wall, but there are some that will create a wider angle if you need it.

A chaise is another component that you should make sure to have if you will use your sectional as a relaxation area. They will allow you to stretch out and sometimes contain one arm so that they can be placed at the end of a sectional. If you are not sure if you want to chaise to be located next to the other components of the sectional, opt for an armless chaise instead.

Adding an Ottoman as one of the components of the sectional is essential if you want to use the sectional in a room where you entertain. The Ottoman can double as a cocktail table when you have guests over and when you don’t have guests, you can use it as a footrest.

Sectional Color and Upholstery Options

Custom sectionals come in almost any color, pattern or upholstery fabric that you can imagine. If you want to mix things up, you can even purchase slipcovers for the sectional so that you can change the look as the décor in your room changes. Viesso has a complete range of fillings and fabric options so that you can completely customize each piece of your sectional.

A custom sectional can help turn your space into the formal, elegant room that you are looking for or a cozy, warm place for you to relax and spend time with family or friends. Simply select the fabric, filling and structure materials for your custom sectional and you can create a truly unique look for your home. A custom sectional can work for almost any need including extra seating or as a place to sleep.

If you need assistance with designing a custom sectional for your home, Viesso can help. Click here to chat with one of our design specialists now or leave your questions below and we will answer them for you.

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