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Armless Chairs

The charms of armless chairs are many. The armless chair could be that little chair that’s kept in a corner but is brought out when one more guest arrives. Sometimes they can be stacked and stored and brought out when many more guests arrive. Sometimes they're perfect to put out on a deck, or the patio, or the garden room. Viesso has a collection of beautifully designed and eco-friendly chairs for sale.

The Lucy and Ethel Chairs look delicate as spider webs, but everyone knows that spider webs aren’t as delicate as they look. Yes, Viesso did name them after that Lucy and Ethel. Both chairs might be dainty looking, but they're tough enough to be outdoor chairs and are made by the process of bending iron wires or lines by hand and then giving them a powder coat. The maintenance is next to nothing and the frames can come in white, black or orange. Seat cushions can also be had and they can come in white, black, orange or blue. Another of Viesso’s bendy chairs is the Bunny Lounge Chair, which looks like it was made of macramé woven on the slightest of frames, but it’s just as tough as Lucy and Ethel. It and the optional seat cushion can come in the same colors, but the Bunny also has an optional drum or ottoman/table on which the customer can rest their feet.

Other armless chairs harken back to the 60’s, such as the beautifully curved Marmaris chair, or the Splitback Deluxe with its button tufted back and chrome legs and feet. This chair also converts into a small bed with a cushy, seven inch high mattress. It’s upholstered in leatherette, begum or cloth. The cloud chair does look like a section of cloud. It’s all curves and bulges meant for the customer to simply collapse into and can be adjusted with a sliding mechanism and can accommodate both big and little people.

The Ason Armless chair looks like a cross between modern Italian and modern Swedish with its clean, unfussy lines and peg like chrome feet. It has a great, wide seat and the back, which slants backward a little, has two perfectly spaced buttons, unless, that is, the customer doesn’t want them. It can be stuffed with regular foam or natural latex for a green alternative.

The bamboo float armless sofa chair is balanced on a bamboo base that has something subtly Japanese about it. The fabric is hemp and organic cotton and on the website is a vivid orange red. Other versions of this chair are the bamboo float armless chair with an end table cleverly built in. It comes in right and left handed versions!

The Mayfair Armchair is simplicity itself. Reminiscent of the 60s, it even looks good on a shag rug with its pointy, stainless steel legs and leather seat in groovy black or white. It also can come with a seat made of hair for a bit more money.

Visit Viesso to find the armless chair of your choice or contact us today!

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