Armless Sofa Sleeper A Fabulous Addition for Comfort and Style

Versatile, multi-purpose sofa sleepers offer the duel possibility of providing both flexibility and comfort. These days modern sleeper sofas are made from high quality materials that give you the ability to provide your guests with a comfortable place to sleep. If you are looking for a sleeper that will meet your needs, you will find that the armless sofa sleeper provides the options that you are looking for. No longer do you have to compromise comfort for style.

Sleeping Options

The first step to deciding on which sofa bed is right for you is to decide on its main purpose. How much you should spend on a sofa bed and the style that you should select depends on how often you plan to use it. If the sofa bed will become your primary sofa or sleeping location then you should select one that will provide the best levels of support and comfort. Here are a few options from Viesso that fit the bill:

If you choose to customize your sleeper, don’t forget to optimize for premium fabrics that will ensure longevity and that will keep you warm or cool depending on the climate that you live in. Viesso has a range of natural fabrics that have been selected for both durability and comfort. You can view the full range of customization options here.

In contrast, your sofa bed might be reserved to the spare room, intended for a extra place to sleep for a weekend visitor, spur of the moment sleepover or the after party guests who aren’t quite ready to go home. In this case, you might want to opt for a sleep that can comfortably accommodate more than one person and will also provide good support.

For this purpose, a sofa bed that contains a chaise or full mattress would be your best option. This option will provide enough room for more than one person to sleep if an overnight sleeping arrangement is needed in a fix.

Space Recommendations

For small rooms, decorating with an armless sleeper sofa is the best option. This will allow your space to feel less constricted and continuous. By eliminating the sharp lines from the room that a sleeper sofa with arms would create, this will allow your small space to feel larger than it actually is.

This style is particular preferred for urban living including apartments and lofts. The design of the sofa bed makes it possible for you to entertain and enjoy your space so that you do not feel confined to the seat as you might with a sofa sleeper that has arms. In addition, armless sofa sleepers that have a chaise component make it even more comfortable and inviting to sit and watch TV or relax after a long day.

Alternative Uses

Most people typically think of an armless sleeper sofa as an option for a spare room or studio apartment. But you should also consider this piece of furniture as an option for secondary seating in a home office. Simply place a lamp or floor potted plant next to the armless sofa and you will have a professional, modern looking home office.

This option will allow you to have an extra place for a guest to sleep when necessary but will also maintain the style of your office. In addition, the armless sofa might come in handy during those long nights when you are up late working in your office and don’t want to make the trek to the bedroom or wake your partner.

Are you searching for the perfect armless sofa sleeper? Viesso offers a full range of armless sleeper sofas that include many different customization options. If you would like to learn more about how our sleeper sofas are made, click here to view the video. In addition, our furniture specialists are available to help walk you through the process of selecting and purchasing the perfect sleeper for your home.

Tell us about your sleeper requirements in the comments and Viesso will make some recommendations for your space.

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