Art Deco Modern Dining Chairs

As the prime location for dinner parties and family meals, the dining room needs to serve a dual purpose. It should be sufficiently fashionable to make a good impression on guests, yet homey enough to use every day. The first step in creating a dining room that balances form and function is finding the right furniture. The ideal dining chair should be so comfortable that guests can sit for hours and so well built that it can last for decades. Since a dining table is usually covered by a runner or tablecloth, a homeowner can display his or her personal flair with a stylish set of chairs. Because a good set of chairs is a long term investment, the best chairs for a dining room are tasteful without appearing too modish.

In recent years, designers have updated the classic Art Deco style to fit the modern home. Traditionally, Art Deco is a style that evokes the glamour of the 1920’s. A merging of European elegance and American functionality, Art Deco became wildly popular because it combined graceful ornamentation with eye-catching shapes and colors. Although many interior decorators think that the “space age” furniture of the 1950’s and 60’s looks dated, Art Deco furnishings have retained their modern vibe through the decades.

Furniture buyers who want to find Art Deco chairs need not turn to antique shops or rummage sales. Contemporary designers have rediscovered the timelessness and versatility of this bold style. Art Deco modern dining chairs combine the timelessness of classic styles with the freshness of sleek lines. Modern chairs can also come in a range of colors to suit any decorating scheme, from tastefully soft to courageously bold. Best of all, these chairs are designed to be usable items of furniture, not just art pieces. A new Art Deco inspired dining room chair should last for years.

Modern interior decorators have not shied from making a boldly designed chair set the focal point of a dining room. Some prefer to keep the rest of the room’s furnishings minimalist so that brightly colored chairs can “pop” in an otherwise neutral setting. The smooth, modern lines of new chairs in the Art Deco style can fit within a low key room without appearing too gaudy. Other decorators prefer to evoke classic Art Deco buildings, which are known for sumptuous rooms that overflow with beautiful details. Modern chairs will be equally at home in this setting. Their simply graceful styles will complement traditional Art Deco details.

Before purchasing a dining room set, it is important to examine the options and decide which furnishings will be the best fit for a home. The countless selections available can be overwhelming. The best stores offer not only an impressive inventory, but a range of customization options to fit any customer’s decorating needs. At Viesso buyers can choose from an impressive inventory and a variety of upholstery selections. These dining chairs combine the elegance of Art Deco with modern sensibilities for a timeless style that can fit any home. Viesso’s versatile chairs will be a tasteful addition to any dining room.

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