Artists We Love: Mae Chevrette

Mae Chevrette has a spirit about her that’s slightly catching. Look at her artwork long enough and you’ll find yourself yearning for a good, old-fashioned road trip with the windows down and the music loud and nature calling your name. Look at it long enough and you’ll also find yourself wanting to own an original, or at least a print.

The 26-year old artist didn’t go to school for art, and got herself a sensible job after graduating college. That didn’t last very long. After opening her own Etsy shop, she soon realized that her income as an artist was rivaling that of her day job, and switched over to being a full time painter. Her use of mixed media, typography, and inspirational quotes create pieces that feel whimsical yet truthful, at the same time. It’s easy to imagine Mae’s work in any type of home, from a rustic cottage to a house filled with modern home decor.

You can visit her website or Etsy shop to learn more about Mae, and to see all of her artwork.

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