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Avalon Vases

Clean geometric lines, simplicity of form, and visually light are the cornerstones of functional modern design. With the current trend toward sustainable manufacturing and you have the ultimate in contemporary furniture.

Contemporary design styles are not all bright metallic surfaces; they combine soft, warm, and natural fabrics with finishes that are inviting and uncomplicated. A modern or contemporary theme in a home can be formal and sophisticated, or relaxed and trendy.

The ease of contemporary design is in the ability to change one or more items in a collection from a formal configuration to a relaxed and family friendly style. This can be done with upholstered furniture, accent items, and tables and other hard goods.

Simply changing the location a vessel such as the Avalon Vase from Viesso can take the look from structured to free. This vase can move effortlessly from an informal grouping awash with wild flowers, to a single empty vase as a featured display in the blink of an eye.

Customizable furniture is readily available with many artisan furniture makers focusing on low carbon foot print manufacturing facilities, and green or sustainable materials. The options of sustainable eco-friendly frames, fabrics and foam makes customization effortless.

Choose furniture made from bamboo, locally sourced alder or other FSC certified woods such as maple. Using locally sourced hardwoods eliminates long distance hauling thereby reducing vehicle pollution. Bamboo plywood used in sofa frames is laminated and does contain some formaldehyde, check for E1 levels or lower as the European standard is tighter than that of the current US acceptable concentrations. Bamboo is a grass, that when harvested generates new shoots and is self-sustaining.

Furniture construction includes glue and stain for exposed wood surfaces. Look for water-based glues and solvent free stains, the environmental impact will be significantly lower and the amount of VOCs will be drastically reduced.

Modern décor can often include repurposing and retaining many organic materials in their natural state. Natural elements bring warmth and earthiness into contemporary and modern design. Logs submerged for 100’s of years are being dredged and planed into planks for stunning dining tables. Burl wood is cut into hefty slabs with a live edge for coffee and entry tables. Reclaimed glass is recycled into shimmering vases.

Keep scale and versatility at the top of the priority list when choosing the largest pieces of furniture for any room. A large clean lined sofa will be out of place in a small apartment; instead choose sectional pieces that can be easily moved or rearranged to suit specific needs. Include various textures, finishes, and optical mass when making selections; a room with four chairs will seem cluttered as opposed to a room offering equal seating in the form of a love seat and two armless accent chairs.

Modern and contemporary designs are inviting and draw the visitor in to the simple clean lines of a well-balanced interior. Choosing eco-friendly materials from green manufacturers with a focus on comfort and functionality will always enhance any modern décor. Be sure to contact Viesso to find the Avalon vase to perfectly suit your space today!

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