Baby Love

True or False: sometimes people seem to lose all sense of design style upon designing their future child’s nursery? Admit it, you’ve seen it happen, too. We here at Viesso like to believe that great taste is possible in all rooms of your home, including your baby’s space. Regardless of whether or not you opt for traditional gender colors, and despite the fact that you must design around key pieces (a crib, a changing table, a rocker, and so on), there’s plenty of room for creativity in nursery design.

For mid-century modern design fans, things are looking up for baby. Sleek modern shelves, drawers, and consoles can all be worked seamlessly into a nursery. Changing tables can be created from your favorite modern dresser, and modern artwork can bring exactly the right pop of color to balance out a traditional dose of white on white. A modern oversized chair or small modern sofa can be a perfect fit to rest in on those late night visits. Lastly, some modern (soft) lighting can be the perfect finishing touch on your dream modern nursery.

Since you’re going to be spending so much time in this room, we firmly believe you ought to be inspired and in love with the nursery design. After all, when it comes to interior design, nobody puts baby in the corner. Unless, of course, that corner is a well-designed modern space. Then by all means, go right ahead.

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