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Bachelor Pad Furniture Ideas

You’ve found the perfect place that defines exactly who you are. Your boxes are unpacked, but now comes the daunting task of how to take the college grad out of your decor and put in the grown up, savvy man that you’ve become.
Fortunately you’ve been convinced by discerning friends to get rid of all the furniture that saw you through years of World Cup parties and endless nights of studying, and you’re ready to revamp your living quarters into something contemporary and mature. You’ve got some funds and a new sense of taste, but the question remains: what exactly is it that you want and where do you get it? What is the move for great bachelor pad furniture?

Viesso, the L.A. based furniture suppliers, have created an amazing online system for choosing furniture and decor that’s just right for you. Not only do they carry the most contemporary and functional designs, they also let you customize almost any style that strikes your fancy. Rather than a painful reality, you can now have fun deciding what pieces will work best in your space according to how you envision yourself lounging, entertaining, and working when you’re at home.
Here are some tips on how to furnish your bachelor pad for ultimate comfort and usability:

The Sectional

Whether you’re a total recluse or a party boy, a sectional sofa is always the right solution for unwinding and relaxing after a long day. Imagine yourself sprawled out, newspapers settled on the ottoman as you peruse the information of the day. Remote at hand and Netflix ready, you wait for friends to join you for the evening, with plenty of room for all. Perhaps tonight is the night that you’ve invited someone special over to share a bottle of wine and good French cheese. The generous space that a sectional affords will put anyone at ease, with no pressure to get too close until the moment becomes inevitable.

Buying a high quality, modern sectional that’s built to last is Viesso’s specialty. This item is probably the key to bachelor pad furniture. Take the Dekayess Chaise sectional with ottoman to match. With the option for left or righthand seating, this sectional provides flexibility with modular pieces that can be arranged as you like. With sensual rounded arms to give it a simple grace, and a low profile and shallow depth that allows it to fit in tight spaces, here you have a great option for any type of living room area. Imagine the Dekayess in a deep brown or other neutrals. Clothed in a durable fabric, it is eco-friendly with 100% natural fibers that speak of your commitment to going green.

Bar Accessories

Let’s take a moment while we’re here to discuss the value of an essential element that needs to be a part of your entertaining encyclopedia: bar accessories from Arne Jacobsen’s Cylinda line. Without a doubt one of the handiest of tools when it comes to making your guests feel doted upon, this set is the apotheosis of design and function, defining the good life that you are coming to represent. Included are all the necessities for making the perfect martini or daqueri, with an impeccably made cocktail mixer and spoon, shaker, ice bucket with tongs, two liter pitcher with strainer, small glass coasters, and a serving tray.

The Bed

Without a doubt, your bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. We cannot celebrate enough that you have finally chucked the futon, and in thanks to yourself, you’re now ready to make that important decision to get something respectful and stylish for your dreaming pleasure.

You’ve got a lot of choices here, but why not first take into consideration a platform bed in a Japanese-inspired style. The Worth bed is a stunning piece that begins with a low profile hardwood frame with matching symmetrical nightstands. An upholstered leather headboard adds luxury to this queen or king size beauty and you can choose from subtle color combinations such as walnut and white bonded leather, wenge and white leather, or wenge and dusty grey leather. With its pine slatted mattress support system, you are destined to have a nightly experience of bliss, knowing you have graduated to a place you deserve.

If a platform isn’t your cup of tea, Viesso’s Broome Bed with its masculine lines and simple, tailored angles might be just the right thing. This bed comes with an exquisitely tailored split headboard that features goose down filling divided by a middle seam. With its leather upholstery, the headboard and frame are structured around a chrome steel base and a frame containing flexible wooden slats that float above the floor, allowing air to circulate under your mattress. In dusty grey, plum, or white, this bed makes a subtle statement that implies stability, taste, and an always attractive devotion to comfort.


Speaking of beds, let’s turn to the next natural progression, which is your bedding. Once again, Viesso offers a range of options when it comes to quality and design. Using natural materials that keep your bedroom free of toxins, you can select eco-friendly, organic pieces in a variety of colors and patterns.

A great example is the Heather Gray collection of sheets designed by Area out of New York. In one of a kind patterns, these exquisite sheets are made of spun yarns woven into soft cotton percale that glide over the body like a smooth, intoxicating wave. A mini flange creates a beautiful detail, emphasizing the attention to quality and design, along with a simple elegance.

The Simone sheets, made by the same company, are created out of pure linen and sport impeccably made French seams. Their fitted and flat sheets, pillow cases, and duvet covers come in white, natural, charcoal, and a luscious midnight hue.


When it comes to accents for bachelor pad furniture, it is essential to think about what kind of lighting you need for your home. Obviously you need something practical that gives you ample opportunity to see what you’re doing. Here there is nothing more stylish and contemporary than the Berlin Pendant lamp, which brightens even the most remote corner with its rustic glass exterior. Easy to hang, the lamp is hardwired and matches any decor with its refreshingly minimal look.

Sad but true, one of the most neglected aspects of lighting in a bachelor pad seems to be ambient lighting. It is always confounding that those who want to create a mood when a mood needs to be created lack the fundamental tool that can make it all happen. Of course you are not expected to have glowing candles in every nook and cranny, but the least you can do is to have a few lamps at hand that disseminate something soft and alluring. In comes, yes... the Aluminum Antler lamp with its natural walnut or cherry shade. On a recycled aluminum base, the clear cord is not channeled through the lamp, but instead descends directly from the socket. Stable and stunning, here is a genuinely masculine piece that shows your softer side without compromise.

The Eco Fireplace

Okay, here comes the tour de force, the thing that puts the “W” in wow, that distinguishes you from the crowd, that makes the most powerful statement about your character and your dedication to being the coolest cat in the ‘hood. Burning clean domestic ethanol, the Eco Fireplace is the modern replacement for the conventional log-burning hearth and guess what? It’s portable. This means that you can put this baby anywhere in your home, be it the living area to give a spot of warmth and comfort as you finish writing your novel, or the bedroom where it can weave a magic that no candle can supply.

Imagine an autumn evening in your spacious loft where your gorgeous Oxygen Fireplace is lighting up the night. A free-standing rectangle that requires no ventilation stands before you in the room. With its sleek lines, a shell made of rust-resistant stainless-steel, and a removable screen made of low iron-toughened glass, it is the perfect contemporary art-piece. Your guests sit on your judiciously placed sectional, sipping wine that you recently brought back from the Tuscan Valley, warming themselves with great conversation and the heat from the flames as you sit back, knowing you’ve created an impeccable evening that no one will forget.

Imagine a cold winter night in your one-bedroom apartment. From your platform bed you watch the flames from your Mercer fireplace cast dancing shadows on the ceiling. In its marble composite shell with the beautifully styled wide burner you’ve lit with the long lighter, you control the fire with a remote wand that you place on the built in nightstand. Wherever you place the Mercer, it is an emblem of renewable green energy that carries no toxins and gives you the right to claim a truly green title.

For more information on decorating your bachelor pad and other home décor ideas, contact us or call us at 877.8.VIESSO.

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