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Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo furniture is a great option for today’s decorators and home makers. Bamboo is an exotic plant found primarily in Asia and tropical areas near the equator. It’s a hollow, grass like plant that makes tubes that can be several inches wide and many feet high. The tubes are famous for their unexpected strength and appealing colors, which can range from a pale yellow to a dark green.

It’s been used as a building material for thousands of years in places that it grows natively. Besides being panda food, it served as a construction tool for all the ancient Chinese empires, and is still widely used there today. There it’s not used just as furniture; entire houses and other large structures are sometimes made mostly or entirely of bamboo.

Bamboo’s literal and stylistic flexibility makes it a great material for all kinds of tools and structures, including furniture. It has a variety of uses in furniture, and can be crafted into anything from a bookshelf to a coffee table to a lamp. Its tubes can be used in construction like lumber, or it can be utilized to construct furniture in a wicker like fashion.

Furniture made from bamboo can be used in a lot of different styles and fashions. It’s ideal for fusing the classic with the contemporary. For instance, with the proper lighting and paneling, it can be used to create a perfect Asian atmosphere for a room or even an entire house. Bamboo pool chairs, tiki torches, and even bars give a great rustic, tropical island feel to a backyard or poolside area. For those not looking for anything exotic, bamboo can also fit in well in almost any standard styles as well.

Bamboo makes especially great outdoor furniture because of its weather resistance. I’s water proof, and wont warp or fracture after exposure to rain. Its color may fade in the sun, but it will do so more slowly than other materials, especially plastic. Further, this color fading can actually make the bamboo more appealing as it gains a weather, used look.

This kind of furniture is desirable for more than just its fashion appeal. For one, bamboo is an organic, renewable resource. Rather than chopping down old massive trees or a rainforest, bamboo is basically just an overgrown weed. Because of this, bamboo has another important property; it’s very cheap. Since it’s easy to grow, harvest, and construct, bamboo furniture can be manufactured at a fraction of the price of counterparts made from other materials.

Bamboo furniture can be obtained many ways. Many local furniture shops and home improvement stores around the world have at least some kind of selection. However, a rapidly growing and emerging source of bamboo furniture is the internet. There are many sites there that sell all kinds of furniture, and even some that specialize specifically in bamboo crafts and furniture. For a furniture store that can meet bamboo shoppers needs contact Viesso today!

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