Bamboo Table Basics

Bamboo is a popular material for furniture and flooring. Here at Viesso, our customers love bamboo because it is a grass that is chemical-free and environmentally-friendly. Bamboo also has an added advantage because it takes less than 5 years to regrow. This is in stark contrast to traditional woods that are used for furnitur, which can take up to 50 years to regrow. If you are looking for an eco-friendly furniture option for your home, bamboo is an excellent choice.

Getting to Know Bamboo Furniture

You may have been attracted to bamboo tables thanks to the modern styles that are now available. However, before you select a bamboo table for your home, it would be a good idea to know few things about bamboo furniture so that you can make the best choice.

Color: Bamboo tables come in natural colors. The lighter shade is often considered to be the natural shade of bamboo. This is bamboo that has not been treated to modify its color. However, if you want a darker color to match your décor, you should opt for carbonized bamboo. This bamboo is darker thanks to a steaming procedure in which the bamboo changes color and becomes richer and darker

Composition: Bamboo furniture is made by cutting the stalk of the bamboo plant into sections and then constructing the shape of the furniture by gluing together the cut stalks. This process can result in two different types of bamboo building blocks: plywood or panels. You are free to select which version you prefer, however there is virtually no difference between the looks of the two cuts when you see the completed furniture.

Assembly: Bamboo furniture from Viesso is assembled by using simple water based stains and non-toxic glues. These final applications help to keep the newly constructed furniture in place while adding a touch of shine and smoothness to the bamboo. You’ll also enjoy the fact that the clear coat finish emits very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), is less flammable and has fewer odors than furniture made from traditional hardwoods.

Caring for Your Bamboo Table

Bamboo rates highly as an excellent material for constructing furniture. Bamboo is actually considered to be more durable than oak wood, which is often considered to be the best hardwood to use for making furniture. However, as with any other type of furniture, proper care for your bamboo table is essential to ensuring that you get the most from your furniture and you can enjoy it for years to come.

Polish Regularly: When it comes to bamboo furniture, you need to make sure that you polish the furniture regularly. Not only will polishing bring out the beauty of the furniture, polishing also protects the furniture from the usual wear and tear.

Bamboo furniture does not require any harsh chemicals in order to be maintained. In fact, several natural oils are more than capable of keeping your table in good shape. For polishing a bamboo table, we recommend using just a few drops of flax seed or linseed oil. Simply apply the oil to a dry cloth and then use the cloth to polish your table. After you have finished polishing your table, make sure to remove any excess oil that remains.

For cleaning, a dry cloth is more than enough to dust with. You should also make sure to wipe up any spills that occur. While the clear coating that is applied to your furniture will repel most stains, it is always a good practice to make sure to wipe up any spills as soon as they occur. Certain items can stain bamboo furniture permanently if they are not wiped up immediately.


Bamboo tables are offered in wide range of styles or as a part of another piece of furniture [Link to Sectional/Sofa Featuring Bamboo Table]. The range of styles is vast and you can surely find a bamboo table style that will compliment the other elements of your space.

If you are looking to update your space with locally sourced, modern bamboo furniture, Viesso has a wide range of options. Click to view all of our bamboo table options or leave your questions about bamboo furniture in the comments below and we’ll answer them promptly!

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