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Bed Full Platform

Fans of platform beds can rejoice! Viesso, with our showroom in Los Angeles, all but specializes in platform beds. These beds are beds that don’t need box springs but whose mattresses are mounted on platforms. The ones offered at Viesso are contemporary and possess an air of severe romance that many people will find attractive. Viesso is fully stocked with beds in shades of gray and white that are just the right hues to make a customer want to climb in between those crisp sheets for some shuteye. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the fabrics of most of these beds come in many vibrant colors.

Here are some of Viesso’s full sized platform beds. A full sized mattress by the way, is usually about 54 inches wide by 75 inches long in America.

The Bramo full bed, which is 88 inches long and 62 inches wide, can come with a sexy, tufted, fabric headboard. The customer also has the choice of 803 types of fabric, which can be organic, recycled, 100 percent natural content, or with no fire retardants added to cut down on outgassing. The customer can even ask for their own unique color as well as the seventeen other fabric colors to choose from. The customer also has a choice of 13 different types of legs made of wood or metal. You can choose natural latex for the stuffing or regular foam. The height of the headboard can be customized and if the customer wants to inspect samples of the fabric before they buy, Viesso will oblige. The wood used for the frame is sustainable alder and if the customer prefers plywood slats, they will get those as well. You also have seven days to sleep on this bed and if you find it not to your liking, it can be sent back for a full refund.

The Nini Full Bed can come with a headboard with a slot in it for storage, or the headboard can be unperforated. As with the Bramo bed, its fabric comes in many colors and types and the customer can pick their own color. It has the option of 11 legs as opposed to Bramo’s 13, but one set of those legs can be cleverly hidden. It’s bigger than the Bramo, but seems to have a pocket where a full sized mattress can be placed. The Queen sized version is displayed in Viesso’s Los Angeles showroom.

The Ekay Full Bed has a footboard as well as a headboard and the footboard is flush with the mattress. Alas, it has only 801 fabric options, but it’s a simply and elegantly designed bed, after all.

The Buden Full Bed, its mattress mounted on a platform of bamboo, has a Japanese feel to it. This bed also has optional storage areas at the foot of the bed as well as drawers in the base and in the headboard for maximum efficiency. The bamboo can come in four colors: amber, natural, coffee and chocolate, though the customer will pay a bit extra for chocolate.

Viesso’s full platform beds are just the thing for achieving sweet dreams every night!

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