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Many of Nanda’s creations are the result of gaps in the market. That is, he looks for products for his own home and when he can’t find them, he makes them. Of course, he doesn’t just make them. He makes them his own. All of Bend’s products are made from hot-dip galvanized iron thick wires, hand crafted and sculpted to be everything from chairs to light pendants.


Bend goods craft


In addition, Bend’s products have powder coating finish that comes in a variety of colors. Particularly striking and original are their new pallets of metallic gem tones and neon brights, which add a unique, fun, and energetic life to their products. And the pure whites make for a strong contrast.


Bend goods


Since the start of Bend Goods, a Los Angeles based company, the same tight-knit team has worked out of the founder’s home, which serves as a stunning showroom for their stunning products as well as a living/work space. The infusion of color, power, and vitality instantly draw you to the amazing array of goods. If you have yet to see Bend’s Instagram, you are missing out. Besides its’ display of aesthetic creativity, it proves Bend Goods go with everything, work everywhere, and suit everyone!


bend stool


Furniture and accessories made from metal would make one think that these belong outside – and they do look great outdoors, but Bend Goods’ products look just as good inside a home. And though their goods may appear to be just contemporary, they pair well with traditional furniture. They also create amazing work places, enlivening sleek contemporary commercial spaces to smaller, more intimate quarters.


bend goods


And the products last! The metal frames are perfect for creating durable pieces. But just because they use such a lasting material, don’t be fooled. Their furniture is comfortable and well as robust! In part, this is because Nanda himself came from the automobile industry, sculpting the prototypes for vehicle interiors. He understands how to make long-lasting, functional items ones people will actually want to use, knowing they will feel good as well as look good.


bend chair


In fact, that is what Bend Goods is all about – the best of all possible worlds. Beauty, flare, function, and comfort, all locally designed and built. They are a company worth looking at with products worthy of furnishing your life at home and at work.


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