Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel

Traditional fireplaces require either wood or natural gas to create the flames and warmth. They must be vented, limiting where they can be placed. However, you can now enjoy the beauty and ambience of a fireplace in any area of your home with a bio ethanol fireplace. Safe to use, clean burning and environmentally friendly, this fuel source is ideal for heating homes and creating the ambience you desire.


Wood-burning fireplaces create a good deal of smoke that must be vented out of the home. Gas-burning fireplaces must also be properly vented to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Bio ethanol fuel is the only option that is truly safe for use in the home or in close quarters outdoors. It does not create any dangerous fumes, so there is no need for a vent or chimney. You won’t have to worry about problems with the flue accidentally being left closed, and you won’t have to worry about accidental fires.


Some people love the smell of a burning fire, but most people find the “campfire smoke” odor to be unpleasant. Choose bio ethanol fuel if you want the pleasure of watching dancing flames without the inconvenience of the smoke smell. You can enjoy the incredible warmth of heat without dealing with any unpleasant smells.

Desirable Scents

Standard bio ethanol fuel burns clean and won’t produce any odor. However, you can add odor to it with fire fuel scent. Choose the fruity scent of apple cinnamon or the enticing smell of French vanilla. Whether you love floral scents like jasmine and rose or the clean smell of fresh linen, you can let the ambience of your fire make your entire home smell amazing at the same time that you are making it warmer and more welcoming.


Start a fire using wood and you are at the mercy of the flames. You will basically have to stay and attend the fire until the wood is fully consumed. Even if you extinguish the fire with water, it can still reignite when you least expect it to. One of the great features of bio ethanol fuel is that you can easily control how long the fire will burn. The amount of fuel you use will dictate how long the flames dance, and when the fuel is gone the fire will be completely and safely out.

Flexibility of Placement

Because these fireplaces don’t have to be vented, they can be placed anywhere in the home. Choose a table-top fireplace that can grace a coffee table or dining room. Round and square fireplaces fitted with glass domes are ideal for moving this calming centerpiece into a place of honor in the center of a room. Whether you want a traditional look with a beautiful mantel or something more contemporary that will make a powerful statement, bio ethanol fireplaces are the right choice. Because they don’t have to be vented, you can easily add a fireplace to an empty wall in the kitchen or bring romantic ambience into any area of the master bedroom.

Bio ethanol fireplaces can be placed in any location you desire. There’s no need to worry about running gas lines or building chimneys. You won’t have to create extra openings in the roof for a flue, nor will you have to surrender any floor space for a hearth. The fireplaces can be placed anywhere you like, without making major changes to your home. Because the fuel burns clean and efficiently, you can even place the fireplace on a coffee table.


Wood can be expensive to purchase. However, bio ethanol fuel is incredibly affordable. Because this fuel is made from renewable sources, it features a low cost to burn, typically between one and three dollars an hour. The exact cost of operation will depend on the fireplace used and how large an area is being heated. The fuel arrives in pre-measured containers that are easily stored and won’t expire, allowing you to enjoy your fire whenever it’s convenient for you.

Vibrant and Beautiful

A regular fire gives you dancing flames that are usually mixed with smoke. Secured behind protective doors and screens, the beauty of wood-burning fires is often hidden by smoke or obscured behind glass. Because bio ethanol fuel burns so cleanly, you can enjoy the full beauty and elegance of the dancing flame.

Less Cleaning

The smoke that is created by wood-burning fires will drift and leave a mess. Fireplace doors are often grimy and dingy. The bricks above the fire can be stained, making them nearly impossible to clean. Even the ceiling directly above the fireplace can be stained from smoke at times. However, clean burning bio ethanol fuel will not create these cleaning nightmares. Any glass surrounds will stay surprisingly clean, as well as the area around the fireplace.

Easy Storage

Wood piles can be unsightly. They take up space in your yard and can harbor undesirable critters. Bio ethanol fuel arrives in gallon containers that can be stored on a shelf in the garage. You will enjoy a cleaner flame, and you will also be able to reclaim your yard. You will also be able to eliminate the chore of moving wood from the pile to the fireplace. Rather than hauling loads of wood in only to have a fire that smokes and burns your eyes, you can simply carry in your gallon of bio ethanol fuel for a fire that is clean, beautiful and controlled.

Environmentally Friendly

Wood is a natural resource, one that you might feel guilty about using for an evening spent around a fire. Renewal bio ethanol fuel is environmentally friendly. Made from biological and agrarian sources, it is created through the fermentation, distillation and dehydration of various vegetables like sugar beets, corn, sugar cane and colza. The process obtains a pure alcohol from a food source that is completely renewable, completely safe and gentle on the environment.

Domestic Source

The foods used in bio ethanol fuel are grown domestically. In addition to choosing a safe and clean fire source for the home, you will also be supporting domestic jobs.

No Heat Loss

A traditional fireplace sends a good deal of heat up the flue and right out the chimney. Bio ethanol fuel will create an incredible amount of heat which will warm large areas. The heat radiates through the entire space, rather than staying within just a few feet of the fire. There is no heat loss to the chimney, allowing you to use every ounce of heat that is produced. Bio ethanol fires are up to 98.6 percent efficient while a traditional wood-burning fire is only 30 to 40 percent efficient.

Convection Heat

Bio ethanol fireplace fuel creates an incredible amount of convection heat. The heat moves throughout the area, bouncing off walls and ceilings to fully circulate through the room. It will blend with the surrounding air, heating the area as it goes. Rather than creating one warm area in the center of the room, you will create a warm and welcoming room that everyone will enjoy.

No Creosote

Chimney fires are a very real possibility with any wood-burning fireplace. Chimneys that are used on a regular basis should be cleaned every fall. This is not a chore for the average homeowner and it can prove to be expensive, depending on how bad the condition of the chimney is. Bio ethanol fireplaces help save the homeowner money by eliminating this expense and the concern of chimney fires.

Adjustable Flames

Wood-burning fireplaces are difficult to adjust. You can toss on more logs to increase the heat, but then you have to sit and wait for the flames to catch and spread. As the heat increases, it can easily reach levels that are too warm. Turning it back down requires waiting for some of the logs to burn away, making the entire process tedious and time-consuming. Bio ethanol fires are easily turned up or down by adjusting the intensity of the flames.

Immediate Enjoyment

Starting a traditional wood fire takes time, skill and patience. You have to assemble the kindling and the fire starter. Then you have to light the fire and sit there for a few minutes, waiting for the flames to decide whether they’re ready to heat your home. Bio ethanol fuel is fast and convenient. When you are ready to start the fire, you simply turn it on and light it. Within a matter of seconds, you will start feeling the warm, radiant heat throughout the room.


Another great feature of bio ethanol fuel and fireplaces is that they can be completely portable. You can choose a stationary fireplace that is built into the wall, but you can also choose one that can be moved from one location to another. Let the fireplace heat your living room and then move it onto the patio for a late summer gathering. Use it in a basement, living room or any other area of the home. Because you don’t need a flue and the fireplace burns at nearly 100 percent efficiency, you can use them in any area of your home.

If you have been longing for a fireplace, you can now add one to any room of your home. Bio ethanol fuels are up to 98.6 percent efficient and do not require venting. They can be used in most areas inside or outside the home, and are completely safe. There is no concern about dangerous fumes, choking smoke, creosote fires or burning ash. Elegant and controlled, bio ethanol fireplace fuel is the smart choice for modern homeowners who love the beauty of an open flame but don’t like the inconvenience of wood.

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