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Black And White Furniture

Black and white is all and nothing at all; at once dramatic and understated, modern and classic, the little black dress and the tuxedo. It’s Chanel and Commes des Garcons, and the “Draper Touch” with her shiny black and dull white. Black and white has represented clarity in graphics, as well as inimitable luxury and the essence of glamour. Designers have always known about the effect of this infallible pairing and furniture design embraces this with gusto; enter the black and white, sometimes, even together.

Viesso sets the standard in providing chic and modern furniture designs. Consider the Salisbury lounge chair with stainless steel frame and natural laser cut black leather scoop seating. This Modern example is furniture’s answer to the “little black dress” – chic, timeless and a perfect accent piece. Or, it’s counterpart, the York lounge chair with carbon steel frame and white laser cut seating. In black or white these chairs offer either a sophisticated traditional accent or graphic modern pop to a room.

Solid Black and White

When stripped of color, the lines and patterns in furniture are exposed to their bones, as bare as a winter garden. The clarity of black and white puts subtle details into high relief and draws attention to essentials in design. Black or white furniture stands out and becomes dimensional in a room, with a visible space around the furniture piece. Black and white furniture is legible. No fuss – just a clear statement.

Yin and Yang

Black and white are polar opposites, one containing all colors and the other devoid of color. They are opposite in feeling as well, with black as strong and solid or deep, and white as ephemeral and open or bright. Black and white are both blank and receptive. Black and white interior furnishings frame a room. And, they invite color. Nothing makes a color pop more then its placement in a sea of black or white.

Put It in Black and White

Putting black and white together is the key to the missing link. The contrast between the two becomes a harmony when put together. What is a Zebra print without both the black and white - or a houndstooth without the hound and the tooth together? Black and white together tell a story of balanced contrasts.

Consider a modern take on a classic herringbone rug design from Viesso. Their elegant handling of black and white sustainable materials and innovative design concepts bring a fresh take on designs for modern living. A black and white accent rug can pull an entire room together.

Prints and graphic upholstery and fabrications as well as geometrics are the basis of black and white in styling. Prints have been contemporized with illustrative art and bold oversize stripes and motifs. Black and white prints and plaids bring an animation to a room and give it movement and personality.

Make a Statement

Upon entering a space decorated with black and white furniture, a room dynamic is established that is impossible to ignore. The room also projects a definite choice and point of view. There is nothing half hearted about a piece of black or white furniture. The establishment of a perspective grounds a room and makes it feel stabilized and a definite decision in room design feels good.

Just because room décor is decisive does not mean it is uninviting or cold. Black and white can be soft and comfortable and still retain the spare clean lines associated with Modern design.

Black and White and Modern

Contemporary furniture design that borrows generously with interest from Modern design really loves black and white. The graphic nature, edited form, clean and simple lines, and flow of the Modern ethos really begins and ends with black and white. So it is not a matter of if the contemporary home should have a furniture piece in black or white, it is more a matter of how many, which type and the style perspective.

Which Pieces Where

Choosing black and white pieces for your home begins first with you and then with the space itself. How do you want to feel in the room and what aesthetic furniture can be selected to fulfill that feeling. Decide upon the room and then ask:

• What does the space feel and look like?
• What happens in the space?
• What kind of piece or pieces will support the feel and purpose of the room?
• What supports comfort and what is the scale?
• Will the furniture be black or white or the upholstery or both?
• Will you mix it with patterns, accents or colors?

To introduce black or white furniture, one can bring an accent piece into an existing room design, or begin a room with a single signature piece and work from there.
In a living area, a sofa or sectional is a good place to start. Viesso’s ivory Dane Sofa with Chaise is a perfect example. It is neutral with a chic sense of comfort. With its style reminiscent of Modern and contemporized in tone and materials, its placement can create the focus of the living area.

From that anchor, one can build surrounding areas in a contrasting black using lounge chairs and side tables with architectural pieces, lamps and accents for contrast. Black and white printed upholstery, curtains or decorative pillows soften and add movement to a room. Conversation areas can be arranged with sectionals or a chaise and standing lamp for a reading or lounging area. Bright colors can embellish the mood of the room and personalize it.

Black and White Anywhere

Black and white can be successfully used in any room of the house. Small spaces such a bathrooms or powder rooms love checkerboard and harlequin patterns – which are reminiscent of traditional tiling, but with the wit of Modern design. Bedrooms love the chic formality and sensual appeal of black, and the pure dream feel of white. Kitchens love graphics and the dining area loves a black lacquered dining set with striped walls.

In 1924 Chanel showed a pair of pearl earrings, one white, one black and design history was made and changed forever. Viesso sets the standard in delivering modern, sustainable and custom options in furnishings, accents and accessories. Their inventory of all things black and white is hip, lasting and on trend, beginning with the fundamentals of craft and ending with creativity and diversity in selection. Browse through the inventory online at www.viesso.com and see it all there in black and white.

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