Board Room Furniture

It sounds so easy. All you need to do to make your boardroom complete is buying any old table and some chairs, and you can either do that through a local dealer or online, right? Not exactly. There are questions you must ask yourself to be sure you are getting the best deal. It can seem daunting, particularly considering the sheer amount of furniture that must go in a boardroom. This article is designed to help you make the right choice while ensuring you get the best deal on your purchase. Being a conscious buyer in this case can save you thousands, particularly with Viesso.

The office furniture industry is a $4
billion behemoth, and that is only considering the United States. Factor in the fact that imports have taken over the industry since 2002, and now you have an industry that is among the largest in the world. Now that you have wrapped your head around its size, you can imagine the infinite choices you have when it comes to buying boardroom furniture. Let’s start small and assume you only need to purchase a desk.

There are some questions you must ask in order to weed out the bad choices.

For example, how large is the boardroom? This is a rather important question; you need to ensure the desk is going to fit well in the boardroom while permitting enough walk space and enough room for the chairs to go around it. If you can provide Viesso with the dimensions of your office space, we can work within your needs and space from the start, ensuring you get exactly what you need.
Next, what kind of finish or color do you want? You can typically get nearly any finish or color under the sun when it comes to board room furniture, so just ensure that you have a good idea of what kind of finishes you want. After all, you do not want a purple desk in a room with green walls, or maybe you do -- don't worry, we’re here for any and all dimensions of style.

Next, what kind of workspace do you need to consider? You must consider how much space both you and your employees require in the boardroom. Tables and chairs come in all shapes and sizes. Keep in mind that the larger your work space is, the more money you will need to put down in order to have a proper table. Not only do you want to ensure that you have the right amount of space, but you do not want to spend more on wasted space. We can help you strike the perfect balance of functionality, style and space.

Finally, you must ask yourself whether you want to buy new or used furniture. Of course, you will save money by getting used furniture, but you will have to make sacrifices. We don’t want people to settle for compromise. We founded Viesso on the ideal of meeting all needs and price ranges, so we want to make your experience great, whether you’ve just started a small business or running a Fortune 500 corporation.

Now that you have narrowed down your needs, you are ready to make a purchase. Though local is great, do not limit yourself. Call us for a consultation, where we can lay out a detailed plan to have your boardroom be a place of innovation and growth, while maximizing your savings. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need to.
You will find that most office furniture comes with a markup between 50 percent to 100 percent, and sometimes even more. Inform the dealer what the price that you want to pay is, but make sure you are reasonable in this haggling. For example, you are not going to end up paying $100 for something that is priced to be $500, but there is no reason that we cannot find something in your budget.

Remember that there are dealers that are completely honest and are legitimately giving you rock bottom prices at the start. Simply compare with other dealers. You might already be getting the best deal, but never avoid asking whether or not they can handle going lower on the price.

When you are looking to purchase new boardroom furniture, you generally want to be sure that you are working with a dealer who works directly with the line of furniture you want. Though some dealers will try to convince you that they can get nearly any line of furniture, you must see the literature and the catalogs directly from the manufacturer, then you will be paying twice the price because they are just buying furniture from another group or dealer that deals directly with them. Viesso has you covered, without the need for a middleman or any third party getting in the way. We are here to develop your idea and take every step to making it a reality.

As we’ve shown, there are great deals available for boardroom furniture through Viesso. If you make what you need known off the bat, we can get you exactly what you need in every style, size, or color imaginable. Call us or send an e-mail after you take a look through our extensive catalogue today so we can get started on making your boardroom a hub of success and innovation!

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