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Bolla Modular Storage Selections

Julius Caesar said, “Divide and Conquer,” and we at Viesso say, “Divide and Store,” which sums up our particular strategy for conquering disorganized spaces and celebrating victory over the return to good storage practices.

Perfect Storage Solutions

Our fervent desire to keep spaces free and clear is what has inspired us to sign on one of the most interesting and innovative new American design firms, Bolla.

Bolla brings us the perfect storage solution for any modern home or office space. With their unique construction and whimsical colors, we can’t speak enough about how they not only keep things organized, but also add a touch of life to any type of space.

The Beginnings of Modular Storage

Modular storage goes back many decades, and perhaps was made famous by early college kids in dorm rooms using the proverbial fruit crates to keep their Grateful Dead albums separated from the Pink Floyd. Plastic milk crates were good choices for books and stacked easily, one atop the other, to create pop up shelving that boasted a sort of pop art appeal. Using packing crates has successfully provided people living on the cheap with a superlative way to keep a somewhat sanely clear space.

Eliminating the Distraction of Debris

Keeping one’s living and working environment clear and organized is one of the best ways to allow for greater freedom of mind. Students, artists, office workers, and anyone else needing the appropriate headspace to do their work all know that its easier to absorb and create material when the distraction of debris is out of the way.

Ideal Organizational Solutions

Evolution, doing what it does best, has led us to more refined versions of the modular storage unit, with all sorts of fashionable variations on a theme. Stacked or lined up in a row, this contemporary manner of keeping items together is brilliant in its simplicity, eliminating the need for formal bookcases or larger pieces of furniture to handle what otherwise might look like clutter. By using modular storage units, users not only have the perfect organizational solution, but can also find beauty in their architectural appeal, using them for dividers if needed.

Excellent Design and Functionality

Bolla is a company that knows how to combine geometric thinking with great construction, easy assembly, and eye-popping color. Their modular storage series is a dream come true for anyone who understands the value of excellent design and functionality, which we at Viesso believe to be the essence of contemporary living.

Great Storage Solutions

The Bolla 4

The Bolla 4 Pop Shelving unit is the apotheosis of a great storage solution. A storage area that prides itself on ultimate modernity and cool, it sports inner panels that coil in, and four adjustable aluminum shelves to provide the ideal space for holding your random items. A natural compressive force is all that it requires to hold the shelving system together, which means no tools are required for assembly. This makes the unit not just a decorator’s dream come true, but also the perfect answer for anyone who isn’t quite sure of what the difference is between a hammer and a screwdriver.

The Bolla 6 and 8

The Bolla 6 and Bolla 8 models are built in the same way as the four, but with more shelving options, as the numbers imply. Made in vibrant colors like blue, orange, red, green, and black, they all include ultra thin flexible tubing, wood composite panels coated with a GREENGUARD certified laminate, and lightweight powder coated shelving. With a tempered glass top that allows you to display your medals of honor, bowling trophies, your lifetime achievement awards, or your mini Betty Boop doll collection, the unit sports laser-cut slots to keep the top anchored firmly.

Adding Spark and Flavor

At Viesso, we don’t believe that your office has to be boring just because its where you mean business. Adding spark and flavor to the place where you work is a great way to keep you inspired, especially if it helps you keep your proverbial canvas clear. Streamlining any space can be done with an eye towards good taste and forward-thinking design, and these modular storage selections are excellent examples of contemporary taste.

Sourcing the Latest Designers

In addition to modular storage, our constant search for organizational solutions has helped us create a broad inventory of design elements for the home and office. As more and more of our customers realize that they can come to our Viesso online site to find all of their needs for creating comfortable and utilitarian spaces, we continue to source the latest designers to add to our roster.

Streamlining Your Needs

Our quest to create a more modular world, one piece of furniture at a time, is helping people throughout the United States and beyond to streamline their needs as they figure out what they need and what they don’t need. This is particularly the case when it comes to office settings where it has been out with the old and in with the new as our clients realize that less truly is more.

For more information on our Bolla modular storage selections and other ways to spice up your home décor while remaining environmentally friendly, please contact us by calling 877.8.VIESSO, or by filling out our online form, which can be found here.

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