Brighten up your Room with A Modern Lamp

A contemporary home needs contemporary forms of illumination. At Viesso, we are continually adding new designers to our inventory as we discover creations that are ideal for our exciting line of modern furniture and accessories. Now you can brighten up your room with a modern lamp by any one of the exceptional innovators we have listed in our roster of contemporary design firms.

The Right Lamp For Your Needs

Every room in your home requires some kind of lighting fixture to bring in warmth and visibility. Whether you are creating a particular ambiance, highlighting a specific piece of furniture or work of art, perking up a dark corner, or providing the right illumination for reading and working, Viesso has exactly the right type of lamp for your needs.

Floor Lamps

One of the best ways of adding atmosphere to a room is via a well-chosen floor lamp. As utilitarian as this type of structure can be, if chosen with an eye to aesthetics as well as function, it will also serve as a beautiful piece of sculpture.

The Corner Lamp, made by Design House Stockholm, is a beautiful example of how a simple, elegant piece can successfully brighten up a shadowy corner in a subtle and effective manner that does not intrude. Use one as a stand-alone or buy a few to group together, and you will have a lamp that truly fits in with an ultra-modern aesthetic. With a clicker foot switch, it is turned on with just the merest tap. Awarded the “Best Home Product” prize by GQ magazine in 2006, the Corner lamp is made with a 100% recycled white lacquered steel base and a white plastic parchment shade. Standing 66” high, it is the perfect representation of the company’s dedication to exquisitely crafted pieces that are both sophisticated and utilitarian.

The Atlas floor lamp, with its atmospheric transparent polycarbonate shade includes a stainless steel joint combined with Teflon. Standing 78” high, the nuanced lighting this lamp emits is ideal for any space that yearns for something new, exciting, and ultra contemporary. Made by Marset, a company that began as a family business in the 1940’s, this lamp is indicative of the experience and far-sightedness of this innovative design group.

The Atila floor lamp is another design by Marset, who once again show us their dedication to merging the practical with the beautiful. Here we have a perfectly calibrated variation on the flexible floor lamp, complete with a polished aluminum shade that sports a wonderfully transparent polycarbonate dome. The Atila also comes as a table lamp.

Marset continues to wow us with the Cotton Floor Lamp. A base and stem in matte-chromed metal grows upwards to flower with a raw cotton-ribboned shade. A classic design for the living room, study, or bedroom, it also comes as a table lamp.

The Supernova

If you are looking for something really special, something entirely out of the ordinary and as unique as your super-modern interior, take a gander at the Supernova, designed by Scale 1:1. This ultra contemporary furniture and lighting company is the apotheosis of innovation. Located in downtown Los Angeles, their team of designers is dedicated to making fresh and exciting pieces that ignite and awaken the imagination. The Supernova is an inflatable LED light that gives off a soft, ambient glow that calms and energizes at the same time. A remote controlled piece of illuminated sculpture, it allows you to program up to seven colors and light shows. With a dimmer switch, the piece is energy efficient, running on 70 watts of power as it utilizes over 1500 LED RGB lights. Heat free, you can touch it, feel it, hug it, and enjoy.

Table Lamps

Our line of table lamps is also designed to inspire. The Clea table lamp, for example, is another marvel designed by Marset. Combining a sense of pop art through its injected polycarbonate structure, the piece features an aluminum reflector that creates a bright, happy light to fill any space.

Marset’s Silo S Table lamp is a beautifully formed geometric structure made with chromed metal blown opal glass that diffuses light in a way that creates magic in any room, while also providing ample light.

The Scantling S Table lamp, made of wood and metal that create seamless geometric shapes, stands on a lacquered iron stem and base. All of the movements in this intelligently designed Marset creation are inherent in its arms and hinges, eliminating the need for springs or counterweights to hold its position. Cleverly named for the old unit of measurement that speaks of the size to which each material is measured and cut, the Scantling is also available as a reading wall lamp, complete with its fully rotating shade.

Suspension and Pendant Lamps

If you are in the market for a suspension or pendant lamp, Roost’s Workshop Cage Lamp displays a contemporary take on the wire cages that used to protect light bulbs in factories and workshops. With the old-fashioned concept of using a knob to turn the light on and off, this model comes with a 15-foot plug end braided cord for easy installation. Made of nickel, the Workshop Cage Lamp uses a filament bulb for a more efficient burn rate and comes in large or small to fit in perfectly with your specs.

Another great design by Roost is the Berlin Pendant lamp. Good for corners or centered over a table, this lamp is mouth blown and features authentic materials that make it as sleek as it is functional.

Here’s Marset again, with their Olav Pendant Lamp, tempting us with a stunning geometric design that reflects light through the top. The opal blown glass shade sits on a translucent polycarbonate structure casing its illumination through a silver gray metallic diffuser, creating a cool ambiance that fits right in with any room in the house.

Wall Lamps

Two more exceptional designs by Marset are the Manhattan Wall Lamp and the Moma Wall Lamp. The first offers an extremely minimalist silhouette with varying rectangular structures softened by curved opal glass. With a silver-grey matte chromed frame, the Manhattan conforms to any wall space and is especially effective in a modern bathroom with its florescent illumination. The Moma sports an extremely architectural design. Made with injected aluminum, it can be installed horizontally or vertically to cast a perfectly direct and uniform light

The Lotus Flower Chandelier

Last but not least, we want to introduce you to the Lotus Flower Chandelier, made with individually hand-cut capiz shells edged in silver metal. This exceptionally elegant piece made by Roost looks like a stained glass sculpture and comes in two sizes. With an opening below, changing bulbs is a breeze. Using up to 100 watts, the Lotus Flower will add a classy contemporary touch to your living or dining area.

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