Brown And Green Wallpaper

Your home's appearance says a lot about your personality, style, and values. When your guests visit, they immediately notice the color choices in your home, the arrangement and style of your furniture, and the type of decor you have selected for your home's interior. Every decision you make regarding your home's design tells your guests a little something about yourself. If you're a free spirit who loves to laugh and have adventures, your interior decor will show that. If you're relaxed and have a laid-back personality, your home's decor will demonstrate this. Even if you don't realize it, your guests will notice your home's decorations and will feel a little closer to you as a person. This makes it incredibly important to choose your furniture, flooring, wall decor and even wallpaper with extreme care and precision.

Brown and green wallpaper might seem like an unusual choice, but the truth is that brown and green wallpaper can influence and improve the appearance of any home with any style scheme. Whether you have a ranch-style home in the country or an urban townhouse in a bustling city, brown and green wallpaper can show off your furniture and current flooring style with ease and sophistication.

There's no need to make a dramatic change with all of your furniture or current decor belongings. If you're looking for a quick, easy change that shows off your current decor, a wallpaper adjustment can be just what your home needs. Brown and green wallpaper works with any style, any scheme, and any personality.

If you have a bubbly personality and your home is comfortable and relaxed, you might opt for a brown and green striped wallpaper with thick, emphasized stripes. A simple brown sofa or even a deep green throw rug as a centerpiece for your room will bring out the color and depth of your wallpaper. Even if your current furniture is mis-matched or a variety of colors, green and brown wallpaper can add completion and comfort to your room. Because the colors green and brown are so earthy and full of life, they'll add symmetry and an aesthetically pleasing appearance to any room.

If you're looking for new wallpaper for your dining room, brown and green can be an appropriate choice for even the fanciest of rooms. Since brown and green are calming, relaxing tones, they flow nicely with a fancy dining room table or upscale chairs. Even if your chairs are padded with different color seats, this can complement your wallpaper. For example, cream-colored chair cushions add a bit of light and comfort in correlation with the brown and green wallpaper.

For a bedroom, brown and green wallpaper offers a chance to create a peaceful, relaxing environment or a stunningly bright place to study. Opt for deep shades of green and brown if you want to create a room solely for sleeping and relaxing. Dark, tense shades of brown will darken the walls and create a soft, gentle tone for the room. If you're a college student or want to create a more upbeat feeling in your bedroom, bright and bold shades of brown and green will be more appropriate. You can match brightly colored bedspreads, carpet, and accent pillows to the shades of the wallpaper to create an even more exciting, welcoming appearance.

For a classy, relaxed room, such as a study, living room, or sitting area, consider a stylish patterned wallpaper. Perhaps a deep brown background with lively green sprigs or vines, or a pale green background with brown images, such as squares or flowers, would be appropriate for this style of room. Your furniture should complement the style of wallpaper you choose. For example, if your furniture is aged or antique, opt for dark, deep shades of brown and green or incredibly pastel and faded shades of wallpaper. Antique furniture should never be matched with a bold, vibrant shade of wallpaper. This would create a distance and a type of separation between the theme of the room and the theme of the wall. Everything in your room should flow comfortably and guests should be able to see, feel, and understand the correlation between your furniture, theme, and wallpaper.

If you aren't sure where to start looking for wallpaper, there are a few options for you. You can buy and install your own wallpaper, which is a fairly inexpensive option. This is one of the most difficult ways to get wallpaper in your home, however, as it is time consuming and fairly difficult to make everything match. You'll be responsible for cutting and gluing wallpaper appropriate and will have to ensure that each strip of wallpaper is evenly matched and smoothed out. You can engage a friend to help you install the wallpaper or you can resort to viewing a "how to" manual or website, but this is definitely the most difficult way to get wallpaper up on your walls.

If you prefer to buy your own wallpaper but don't want to mess with the hassle of installation, you can choose your wallpaper and buy the appropriate number of rolls, but hire someone to install the wallpaper. This enables you the freedom to relax and not have to worry about how to cut each strip and getting everything even. A professional wallpaper installer will make sure that your room looks absolutely perfect. Properly installed wallpaper should be so beautiful and seamless that your guests don't sit around wondering who installed it or who did such a poor job. A wrinkled, sloppy application of wallpaper can be distracting to the point where visitors don't even notice the pattern of the wallpaper or the organization of your furniture. This should never be the case. A good hostess wants the best for her guests. If you've installed wallpaper before or worked at a wallpaper installation organization, you may prefer to do your own installation. If, however, you have any doubt about your ability to do a fantastic job, consider hiring a professional.

For the homeowner who isn't sure where to begin finding, purchasing, or measuring for wallpaper, a professional wall company or interior design specialist can help. An interior designer can examine your current furniture, flooring, and room size and help you pick out a style and shade of brown and green wallpaper that matches and complements your home. An interior design specialist will have access to professional installers who can apply your wallpaper quickly and with ease to your walls. This is the simplest, quickest way to get your new wallpaper up and in place. If you're worried about time constraints or doing a proper job, consider hiring someone to take care of everything.

When it comes to wallpaper design and style, there are a number of options. You can choose to have your wall half-wallpapered and half-painted. If you have a wooden room divider in the center of your walls, you might go with this choice for a bit of diversity. Some homeowners prefer to have brown wallpaper on the bottom of the room and green paint on the top half, or brown wallpaper on the bottom half and green wallpaper on the top.

You can also opt for a single layer of wallpaper on the entirety of your walls. This method is used frequently in hallways or small rooms. For example, a heavily patterned wallpaper could be put on an entire wall in a hallway without any sort of split in the design.

If you're interested in making your room look larger but don't want to go with a large number of different designs, you could go with a simple deep brown wallpaper and a green border. A border is a smaller portion of wallpaper that wraps around the entire room in a thin strip. Borders are usually placed at the top of the wall, although they can sometimes be placed in the middle or even at the lower portion of the wall. A border should complement, not detract, from the wallpaper's main scheme. Since a border is typically "louder" and "busier" than wallpaper, make sure you choose a calm, sparsely decorated wallpaper if you opt for a border. Otherwise your guests might become overwhelmed visually or, even worse, your room could look cluttered or disorganized.

For more information on home organization, home design, or interior decor, visit Viesso's website at Viesso is the ideal place to shop for new home decor to go beautifully with your brown and green wallpaper. Regardless of your personal style or home design choices, Viesso offers furniture that will highlight and enhance your wallpaper scheme.

Sometimes, even the best wallpaper can look a little dull or uninteresting, but a fantastic piece of furniture can truly highlight and bring out the best of your wallpaper. Viesso offers furniture in all styles and price ranges, so visit to pick out something special to highlight your wallpaper. A brown sofa, dark wooden end table, or even an accent rug could be just the choice to make your brown and green wallpaper even more noticeable and excitable.

If you're lost and unsure of where to begin redesigning and redecorating your home, contact Viesso to speak with an interior design specialist who can help meet your needs. Whether you're redesigning an entire home or business, or if you simply want a few new pieces of furniture for a specific room, Viesso can help make your dreams become a reality. Visit to browse selections and styles for every room of your home, but don't be afraid to talk to someone about specific ideas for your house. Sometimes hearing a professional's opinion can make all the difference in the world.

What is more relaxing than a sun-dappled walk through the forest on a warm summer afternoon? The soothing shades of brown and green blend in a welcoming panorama. To make a room sing, choose brown and green wallpaper from Viesso.

These two colors calm and soothe the eye and provide a restful atmosphere.
From soft solid shades to intricate and elegant patterns, Viesso has the brown and green wallpaper to suit any decor. Choose riche “Manor House” in dark chocolate and gold, or ”Tranquil Cream” with its lovely pattern of branches and flying birds. Viesso has the wallpaper to suit any mood and taste.

With 4,523 different colors, patterns and shades to choose from, shoppers will find suitable wallpaper for every room in the house. Just go to and browse at leisure through the many selections. Fall in love with wallpaper for that special room by browsing Viesso's online showroom.

"Eco Highway" is a 100 percent natural wallpaper made with environmentally responsible processes throughout. The quirky pattern features cars of the future that run on milk and encourages children to decide how they will reduce their own carbon footprint.

"Charming" will enhance the bedroom with a soft green background and flowers in varying shades of brown suede. “Carmen-chocolate” offers a bolder floral motif based on an updated traditional design. For those who prefer a solid color, "Nature Green" offers a subtle texture and is manufactured from managed timber sources, with only water-based inks.

"Alice" is an intricate and elegant monoprint in shades of taupe. For a sportier look, consider "Audrey-Chocolate," a light-hearted plaid in medium shades of brown."Isabella-Chocolate" superimposes large Celtic designs over medium-brown tartan.

The subtle blocked design of “Nature-Brown” is created with water-based inks on paper from managed timber sources. This rich shade of mocha will nicely accent a room with brown and green patterned furniture pieces.

For a bold statement consider “Ciprini-Green” with its flat surface and Romo stripes. Another modern take on Romo is “Estella/Roma-Brown” with its striped pattern of small floral motifs.

An entirely different mood is created by “Amelie-Latte” with its swirling teardrop motif inspired by Oriental Jacquard.

Old-fashioned floral designs with their intricate swirls and delicate lines are updated in the complex styling of “Dazzle-Lime Brown.” Delicate leaves trail across “Adorable-Chocolate” with its graceful oriental design.
The dotted floral pattern of “Dotty-Chocolate and Pink” will gracefully adorn the walls of a feminine room. Or opt for the sophisticated elegance of art nouveau updated in the delicate lines of “Sophia-Latte.” The somewhat bolder floral pattern of “Elise-Latte” is sure to please with its contemporary motif.

For those who would like just a touch of metallic, “Traviata-Beige” offers a bold floral print in warm shades of brown with a hint of sparkle.

A highly textured and modern pattern in green and beige is offered by “Foja-Bamboo and Paper”. Another very modern effect is created in “Kashmir-Plain-210” with its subtle pattern of swirls and slightly raised surface.

Viesso is a unique company that takes environmental concerns seriously. Viesso uses the greenest materials available to create furniture that is comfortable, ecologically sound, and designed for the consumer with discriminating taste. For a great selection of wallpapers, visit Viesso. Shop at leisure from the comfort of home.

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