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Buying a Shag Rug: A Guide

Shag rugs are very popular this year among interior designer and consumers looking for something trendy to add to a room. Shag rugs come in all types of materials and colors. When choosing a shag rug it is important to know the differences between the different types of rugs and also how to care for a shag rug.

How Are Shag Rugs Different From Other Types of Rugs?

The main difference is that the fibers are longer than other types of rugs. Shag rugs are created by a hand-knotting or hand-tufting process.

Shag rugs can be crafted from natural materials such as bamboo cotton or from synthetic materials. Viesso offers a wide range of shag rugs made from both natural and sustainable materials. Some styles are made from a variety of materials for added appeal.

General Uses for a Shag Rug

Using a shag rug as the centerpiece of your room due to the distinctive elements of a shag rug it is a good idea. Use a shag rug as your decorative main piece in your room to complement large furniture elements. Consider putting a shag rug under your sofa or in front of your bed for added design appeal.

How to Clean a Shag Rug

Shopping for a shag rug should be done carefully because of the fact that the fibers play an important part in trying to you determine whether your shag rug will last for a good amount of time.

Cleaning a shag rug is probably the most important part to know about owning a shag rug. The reason is because shag rugs can require a bit of care in comparison to other types of rugs. Shag rugs have fibers that are more intricately woven then other styles of rugs making it more difficult to remove dirt and other debris from the rug.

To remove dry dirt or debris from the rug, try taking the rug outside first and shaking it thoroughly. You can also try to remove dirt by gently brushing the rug. If the rug is stained some additional treatment may be required.

You can also treat a rug for stains by using a steam cleaner. This steam cleaning also has an additional benefit in that it can remove allergens such as bacteria, mold, fungus and other types of microscopic organisms.

Some shag rugs depending on the material that they are made from can be placed in a washing machine. If you use a gentle detergent and water that is not too hot, you will be able to remove least some stains from your shag rug as well as any embedded dirt. After washing your shag rug in the washing machine, never place it in the dryer. Instead put the shag rug outdoors to dry.

Some types of shag rugs such as a Flokati shag rug may require that you get a professional to assist you with cleaning the rug so that you can ensure that the rug will not get damaged in the cleaning process.

For best results, installing a shag rug in a high traffic area is probably not the best idea unless you are prepared to frequently clean the rug in order to maintain its condition. A shag rug is likely best for a room that is not used as often such as a bedroom or other private sitting room.

When shopping for a shag rug you will see many types of fibers listed. The type of fiber should give you a general idea of which room the shag rug should be placed in.

Flotaki shag rugs

These shag rugs are made from wool from New Zealand. These shag rugs originated in Greece and are very soft. They are prized for their beauty and are generally found in white and select colors.

Leather shag rugs

Leather shag rugs are extremely trendy and will definitely give your room an edgy, modern style. These rugs tend to be some of the most distinctive pieces that you can find as far as shag rugs go and Iare highly sought after. A leather shag rug is perfect for a living room or modern bedroom.

Sustainable shage rug

Sustainable shag rugs are becoming increasingly popular and can be made from recycled material as well as organic materials such as bamboo and organic cotton. Viesso specializes in these types of rugs and has a large assortment in multiple colors and styles.

Cotton shag rugs

Cotton shag rugs have the longest and roughest appearing fibers which are responsible for giving this type of rug its casual look. You should consider using a cotton shag rug in a high traffic areas such as a bathroom or kids room were you won't be concerned about the fibers of the rug being stepped on. Also most cotton rugs are easily cleaned by placing them in the washing machine.

Are you considering purchasing a shag rug? Do you have specific questions? Let us answer your questions here in the comments.

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