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Buying Furniture Floor Models

Did you know that Viesso makes the furniture floor models available for sale? After a display has run the length of its promotion, we offer many of the items that appear in our floor furniture displays for sale. Many of these items are in brand new or like new condition and we offer then to you at just a fraction of the original price!

If you are wondering why Viesso offer these deals it is because sometimes we may have received returns or the items may be on clearance. Instead of simply getting rid of these items, we select only the best items to offer to you at a reduced price. In this way we can offer you a bargain and remove excess inventory from our showrooms.

Great Condition

We carefully select the items that we offer at reduced prices for good condition. While some items may have very light wear, some are also in brand new condition! We understand how important it is for our customers to have items that make their home look fresh and updated and therefore we only select items that are in the best condition to offer on discount.

Keeping Your Options Open

Buying furniture models from Viesso is great if you don’t mind keeping your options open with regard to decorating your space. Instead of waiting for that luxury couch to go on sale, instead you can opt for one from our furniture samples section. This will save you a lot of money and add a bit of an unexpected twist to your room as you incorporate the furniture sample into your intended room design.

Mix and Match With Current Items

While the items in our furniture models section are likely to be from a past furniture display or are otherwise not the latest styles, there is no need to worry about that if you mix and match with current items. Your clearance purchases can easily be mixed with current and new items from the Viesso collection and no one but you will have to know that you saved money. All they need to know is that you shopped at Viesso

Not Just a Bargain, But a Good Investment

The fact that some of these products have been tested by potential customer in our stores multiple times and are still in good shape show that they are quality pieces that are designed to last. You can expect then, that once these items are in your own home, that you will be able to enjoy them for a long time to come. It is also very likely that they will pass the daily test of living with kids and other family members

Call Us Up and Get the Scoop

If you are wondering how often and exactly when we put items up for sale in the furniture models section, give us a call and our representatives may be able to give you a rough idea of how often we update this section so that you know when to check bac

While we may not be able to give you exact dates, a good time to look for clearance items is every few weeks. We add things to the section as the seasons change and as our in store displays change. Also if you want the opportunity to see things close up, it would be a good idea to come down to our stores so that you can see our current displays as well!

These items are changed regularly so you never know what you might find. Therefore if you are looking for a deal, we suggest that you check this page often. Some of the items we have available from time to time are being sold at prices of 50% off or more!

Are you interested in buying furniture floor models? Check out the items that we currently have available now. If you are looking for specific items, let us know what you are looking for in the comments and we will see if we can help!

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