Cherry Dining Furniture

Viesso furniture offers you a wide selection of timeless furniture that implements the finest materials and the highest quality of craftsmanship. The option of designing and requesting your own custom made furniture gives you the choice of selecting an item that is exactly what you want and will fix exactly with your own personal style. Each piece is made with beauty, durability and functionality in mind. The dining furniture is no exception.

Besides the elegant appearance of the Lady Round Table with its sleek and minimal look and the Ephesus Table with its meticulous craftsmanship, you will also find the all-wood Plyned Dining Table. This table is graceful and modern and made completely of solid layered bamboo. With a choice of amber, natural or coffee colors this table will add perfectly to your dining décor.

The Span Dining Table is designed with a mid-century inspiration in mind. This is truly an industrial aesthetic inspired by the structural engineering of a bridge. The solid wood top has beveled edges. The legs are micro-adjustable, making the table precisely level even in the floor isn’t. This table comes in the lighter option of natural wood or the more somber tone of walnut.

Dining Furniture Table Styles

Another stunning dining table is the Chunk Table and Bench. This simple, expertly crafted table and bench are both constructed from your choice of quarter sawn European natural oak or walnut. The tabletop is 3” and the legs of both the table and the benches are over-sized and solid. The bench nestles exactly under the table when not in use. This is sure to be a favorite and unpretentious piece of furniture.

The Elm Table is beautifully elegant old-world style table, not what you would expect in a dining table with a painted metal frame and a lacquered top. The finish is so precise and so flawless that the table has an unmistakable look of timeless charm. Choose from the dignified look or polished black or the lighter look of bright white. The trim is delicate and tasteful. The table comes in two sizes.

The Knar Dining Table is definitely an eye-catching and modern look. The legs are of a dark walnut. The glass tabletop contrasts beautifully with the richness of the dark walnut, giving an unexpected and satisfying look with a variation of textures and levels. The pegs on the top of the legs suspend the tabletop just a little further than expected. This give the piece a modern look, but also increases the functionality by providing a storage space on top of the legs.

The Radius Dining Table is of another sleek, unpretentious design and construction. The Radius comes in three different sizes, offering a size that is just right for every occasion. The lines are straight and smooth and simple. The thin beveled edges flow perfect with the cut of the wood, and the subtle sculptural details give a feeling of lightness while at the same time emphasizing the solidness of the table. Available in white oak or American walnut, the right look is here for you.

Before we talk about some of the beautiful dining chairs that are available, one more dining table needs to be mentioned. This is the modern-looking Curzon Dining Table with its delicately slender stainless steel legs and its interestingly angled top, which comes in either a wooden top or a lacquered top. This table is not for everyone, but it might be just right for you. Choose from black or white lacquer, or from cathedral oak or teka wood. Modern and forward-looking, the Curzon has a personality all its own.

Functional Dining Chairs

Next let’s talk about the wide array of beautifully functional dining chairs made to coordinate and contrast with the dining table of your choice. The first chair is the solid walnut Wiam Chair. It is stately and yet comfortable, armless and serious with its tall, tapered back. The solid walnut wood of this chair has been meticulously finished with a warm, natural linseed oil, giving it a timeless air of lasting beauty. This chair along with all other dining chairs at Viesso, as well as their sectionals and sofas, are built with precision and care one at a time.

Another popular dining chair is the Tiffany. This versatile and functional chair is both stylish and comfortable with its upholstered seat and backrest and its sturdy steel tube frame that is wrapped in regenerated leather. Each leg has a plastic glide inserted securely into a metal tube. This is a chair that is suitable for home dining as well as commercial use. Available in either black or brown leather, it fits well with any décor.

If you’re looking for a chair that doesn’t quite look like a chair, Viesso has that, too. The Flux chair is so wonderful in its uniqueness that it’s sure to become a favorite. This chair is available in a variety of colors from white, grey or black to classic red, bright orange or ice blue. Since the Flux is made of weatherproof polypropylene, it is perfect for indoor or outdoor dining or lounging. Lightweight enough to be easily carried, but sturdy enough to support up to 350 pounds, this chair is versatile and fun. But you’ve got to see it to really believe it. 881

In definite contrast to the unexpected Flux is the tried and true School Dining chair. This is another chair that is well suited to residential use and well as to commercial use. The chair is sturdy and well proportioned. It’s a beautiful and modern version of the classic grade school chair. The comfortable back and seat are fastened to the sturdy frame with rubber gaskets. This is a chair that will never lose its appeal and usefulness.

Let’s talk about one more dining chair. The Family Chair is a design that re-introduces the traditional look of the Swedish stick back chairs. The lines are clean and simple. Originally this type of chair was designed to make the best and most economical use of the wood that was available. This chair makes a statement of its own and matches any decoration theme in either black, natural or white.

Many of the dining tables and chairs that are constructed entirely or partially of wood can also be requested in beautiful warm cherry wood, as well as the usual oak or walnut. This furniture is made with the precise and careful workmanship that has come to be expected from Viesso. No matter how detailed the descriptions of each piece might be, one of the only ways to really appreciate the finely detailed quality is to see the furniture in person. But whether you come to the store to make a purchase or you choose the convenience of online ordering, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. This furniture is made to last, and made to last beautifully. It will be, not only in your home, but also in your family for years to come. Come visit our wide variety of Cherry dining furniture on our website's catalog today!

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