Choosing a Contemporary Sofa Bed

During our contest a few month's ago, The People's Sofa Contest, we saw a lot of innovative designs for sofas. The submissions were all quite unique and even trendy. In fact, these designs even took things a step further by exemplifying what our customers want in contemporary sofas.

Unfortunately those designs are currently only fantasy at the moment and customers that are looking for a contemporary sofa bed will have to work with existing choices in order to find something that works. This is where things can get a bit difficult.

If you are looking for a contemporary sofa bed, things can get a bit tricky for several reasons. Not only do you have to find a sofa bed that is in tune with the latest design trends, but you also have to find one that is actually comfortable to sleep on. In addition, the sofa must be able to accommodate a mattress while not appearing to look bulky which can make a sofa bed look outdated and downright ugly.

In 2013, contemporary furniture design has finally made some headway on solving some of these issues that often make finding a modern sofa bed nearly impossible. Here are some furniture features that you should look for that can help you select a modern yet comfortable sofa bed.

Adjustable Seat Cushions

More and more models of contemporary sofa beds are featuring a slick option which is to have the end cushions of the seat of the sofa adjust upward so that you can use the sofa bed like a recliner instead of trying to turn the entire sofa into a bed. This is a great option if you just want to get more comfortable on the couch while lying down and works well if you are ready to go to sleep on it as well.

Fold Out Bed Mechanisms

A fold out bed mechanism allows the entire sofa to recline into a flat position with ease. This avoids the annoyance of that metal bar that you find in the middle of the bed as with traditional sofa beds. In addition, the mattress is often designed from a softer material so that you will never notice the fact that you are not sleeping on an actual bed.

Removable Back Cushions

Removable back cushions are another versatile feature of contemporary sofa beds and are great because it allows the sofa bed to retain its minimal look even when in the sofa bed position because there is no extra clutter. Eliminating clutter is what modern furniture ought to do for your home and this feature is the best possible way to do this. Your sofa bed will look like a bed only when it is in the bed position and like a sofa only when it is in the sofa position. Most sofa beds that feature this option simply allow you to fold down the back of the sofa so that you can lie on a flat surface. This also prevents you from having to deal with the annoying gaps that traditional sofa beds often create in the sleeping area.

Daybed Design

The daybed design is perhaps the most striking from an aesthetic point of view. With a daybed, you get all of the great features of both a sofa and the bed with the added allure of having a sofa that looks like it is partly reclined at all times.

Selecting Textiles Carefully

Selecting sleek looking upholstery for your contemporary sofa bed can go a long way to make the sofa bed look like a refined, minimally designed piece of furniture regardless of the position it is in. Opt for muted colors, tightly woven fabrics to avoid that frumpy traditional sofa bed look. In addition, some sofa beds feature metallic legs or other accents which can enhance the modernity of your contemporary sofa bed’s design.

Balance Comfort and Style

At the end of the day, the sofa bed that you select must still be comfortable to sleep on. Try to avoid selecting a sofa bed that has an extremely complicated design for changing its position. The more complicated the design is, the more likely it will be that there is a myriad of metal bars and awkward spaces just waiting to disrupt your sleep.

Another sign that the sofa bed will not be comfortable to sleep on is if there are exposed metal joints when you recline the bed into the sleeping position. Often these sort of designs are poorly thought out and the metal pieces are often in the way of you putting bedding down to make the sofa more comfortable to sleep on.

Consider Size

For small spaces a sofa bed that doubles as a reclining chair would likely be the best option. If you have a larger space, putting in a sofa bed that is a full length sofa or loveseat when not reclined would be ideal. You must also consider how much space the sofa bed will take up when it is fully reclined.

What are the most important factors for selecting a contemporary sofa bed for you? Which of our products have you found to be the most fitting for your needs? Let us know in the comments!

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