Choosing and Arranging Custom Sectionals for Large Spaces

Designing a large room in your home can often become a monumental task if you aren’t sure how to fill the space. Fortunately there are modern sectionals for large spaces specifically designed to make this task easier! If you are struggling with designing a large space, here are some tips for designing a social space that should make things go a bit faster for you.

If the large space that you are designing is a living room or family room, start by selecting a large sectional. This sectional will become the main visual element of your room allowing you to design around this piece. Viesso offers a variety of custom sectionals that allow you to mix and match pieces such as a chaise or ottoman as part of your sectional arrangement.

Start by thinking about the feel that you are looking for in your room. If you are looking for something more trendy, consider a faux leather or dark colored fabric for the upholstery of the sectional. A sectional with metal legs works to maintain the modern look and you can even opt for a sectional that features abstract shapes in the design of the seating elements.

If you are going for a more relaxed, contemporary feel, consider using a sectional that features natural wood and a light colored fabric for the upholstery. This will bring a more light-hearted feel to your room which should be a center for refreshment and relaxation

How to Arrange Your Sectional

After you have selected your sectional, you must carefully decide how it to place it in the room. Make sure that you place the sectional so that it does not disrupt the flow of the space. You should avoid the temptation to place the sectional along the wall. In addition, you should also make sure that there is plenty of room the sectional and the other pieces of furniture in the room.

Overcrowding the room will make it feel uncomfortable and uninviting. Therefore choose the sectional carefully so that you can comfortable place the sectional with at least a few feet away from doors and windows. If it is not possible to do this with all of the sectional pieces intact, consider separating the sectional pieces into their individual components in order to give your room more flow.

If you are required to separate the pieces of the sectional in order to create more flow in your room, do it by making sure that the room is balanced. You can balance the room by making sure that there is another large piece of furniture on the opposite side of the room from the sectional piece. This can be done with another piece of the sectional or by adding another large piece of furniture such as a table or desk.

Mixing Sectionals With Electronics

If the sectional will be placed in a room that features a home theater system or sound system, make sure that you arrange the sectional so that it can be comfortably enjoyed by all seated persons. This may be done by placing the electronics at one end of the room with the sectional in the center or interspersed components of the sectional with the sound system speakers

Make Enjoying Cocktails or Food Simple

If you will be serving food or drinks in your space, you will want to opt for a custom sectional that features a space for you to include your food or drinks. Some custom sectional feature storage shelves. You can alternatively work a small coffee table into the arrangement of your sectional in the room so that your guests can eat and be comfortable at the same time.

At the end of the day, keep in mind the purpose of your room and choose a sectional that matches with that idea. If you need assistance with coming up with ideas, a Viesso expert can help you to turn your desires for your space into a reality. Click here to view all of our selection of modern custom sectionals for large spaces.

If you have questions about arranging or selecting a custom section, please call us or email and we would love to help!

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