Choosing Down Versus No Down in Your Sofa

Purchasing new furniture for your home can be an expensive endeavor. Therefore you will want to make sure that you choose furniture that will keep you happy for years to come. This is especially important when it comes to selecting a modern sofa for your home. In addition to providing comfort for yourself and your family, a sofa provides a space for you to entertain guest.


These days there are a variety of options for selecting filling materials for your upholstered furniture. The type of filling that you select will be according to your own preferences. However, it is important that you have a good understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of different types of filling before you make a selection.


A sofa that has been filled with down feathers is ideal for a person that wants the softest sofa possible. Down feathers are taken from the underbellies of geese and costs slightly more than other common filler options. However, down has a number of drawbacks as a filler that you ought to be aware of. If down gets wet, the feathers will not dry properly. Therefore if you have a down sofa, you should opt for a waterproof cover to prevent spills from occurring. A down sofa must also be upholstered with feather-proof casings to ensure that the feathers don’t slip out. Also, sofas that are filled with only down will get lumpy over time unless the down has been sewn into the upholstery by using baffles or pockets. If you would like a sofa that will have firmer cushions, you will need to select a sofa that is made from down blended with other materials. A sofa that is made from 100% down will need to be re-fluffed on a regular basis.

Down feather sofa


When it comes to cleaning furniture that is filled with down, it can be quite tricky. Smaller pieces are often easily cleaned, however a large item such as a sofa may be quite difficult to clean and rid of odors. A better method to dealing with cleaning issues for a down sofa is to avoid the problems altogether. Make sure that you use a slipcover for your sofa if you sleep on it. This will keep the oils from your body from sinking into the features and upholstery which will also stop odors from getting in. If you absolutely have to clean your down sofa, don’t use a detergent on it because the detergent will cause the feathers inside the sofa to become brittle and this will decrease the lifespan of your down sofa.


Some people may be allergic or have other sensitivities to down may want to opt for another material other than down for a filling for the sofa. Many people have allergies to down and just because the down is inside the cushions of the couch does not mean that you will not still have an allergic reaction.


If you make the decision to go with a down for the filling for your sectional or sofa, you should make sure that the sofa is not completely made from down. A general rule is to select 50% or less for this ratio. Viesso has a number of feather/down fill options (the 25% down and the 50% down) both consist of all feathers and down. At Viesso we make sure that all feathers that are used as filling are thoroughly cleaned with non-toxic substances before being put into filling cases. These down feathers are also by-products of geese that have been raised for food and other purposes so that waste is kept to a minimum.

No Down Options

If you have read the information above and have decided that down is simply not for you, Viesso offers a number of no down options for your sofa from brands like Gus. Instead, you should probably look into the assortment of sofas that have natural fillings such as wool, or you can use fiber as well. These options will offer a slightly firmer sit since you don’t sink int them like down. But they are still plenty soft enough for long term sitting, and do keep their shape a little better than down filled cushions and pillows.



If you are looking for a quality sofa, down or no down, Viesso offers some of the best options. Please feel free to ask us any questions, we'd love to help!


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