Choosing the Right Wallpaper

Choosing wallpaper for a home or room can be one of the most daunting tasks when it comes to decorating a new space. Picking out random wallpaper without any thought has the potential to take away from its aesthetic value if the wallpaper isn’t right for the room. The wrong wall covering can even dull the beauty of other décor located throughout the home. There are several things to consider when picking out wallpaper including style, technical issues, and what a specific room needs to make it aesthetically pleasing. Viesso carries a variety of wallpapers for any style, and works with homeowners to assure their style choices gel with the space.

Feeling of the Room

The purpose of a room is an important consideration in buying wallpaper. If a person is wallpapering a den and going for a traditional appearance then stripes will bring out the décor in the space. Intricate damasks accomplish this same effect. A more contemporary room would need a more bold approach. Metallic accents and high gloss geometrics will make a room look modern and fashionable.

If an owner doesn’t have much of an opinion on whether a room should be traditional or contemporary, they may at least want the room to appear casual. Stucco and beadboard pull off this effect, along with other types of faux finish. Casual may work for a teenager’s room, but the adults may want a more mature, romantic feel to their room. The use of pastel colors, floral, and delicate damasks will bring out an artistic and subtle style.

Styles and Patterns

One very important thing that home owners should know when picking out wallpaper is that different shades and patterns of wallpaper can change the look of the room, not just the walls. For instance, striped wallpaper has much of the same effect on a room that stripes on clothing have on a person’s appearance. Horizontal lines will make a wall appear longer, while vertical lines will make it appear taller. This can be used to make small rooms appear larger or low roofs appear taller.

Wallpaper composed of light colors has an effect on a room’s size appearance as well. Light colors make a room appear much larger than it actually is. The room will appear more open and augment natural light. Dark colors, on the other hand, have the opposite effect. Dark colors absorb more light thus making a room appear smaller than it actually is. This can create more of a cozy relaxed feeling in the room.

Using wallpaper with large patterns will make a large room appear less daunting while adding visual appeal that complements the decorations in the room. Smaller patterns have the same effect as light colors, making the room appear larger. This is because small figures on a wall will make it look much larger by comparison. Because of this reason small patterns are ideal for small rooms, much like lighter colors.

Textured vs. Flat

Wallpaper isn’t just about design anymore. There are stark differences between flat and textured wallpaper, but in the end it is all up to a person’s individual preferences. Textured wallpaper can also help cover any imperfections in a wall. While ideally these imperfections would be repaired if possible, textured wallpaper will likely take away the need for repair by covering the problem. Textured wallpapers also adds dimension to a room. In short, textured wallpaper provides a much more casual feeling to a room.

Flat wallpaper has its own set of advantages. Textured wallpaper obviously cannot be very detail oriented, but flat wallpaper can. Think of it as a sculpture versus a painting. A sculpture (textured) has dimension, but specific details may be harder to create. Paintings (flat) do not have much dimension, but the canvass allows the creation of the minutest details. Flat wallpaper gives a sense of sophistication. Luckily even if a wall has imperfections flat wallpaper can still be used; it just requires using wall liner under the actual wallpaper.

Live a Little

Wallpaper doesn’t have to conform to what other people do or like; that’s really the reason for the use of wallpaper. A room can be completely transformed without having all four walls covered, borders at the top of a wall, or covering on the walls at all. Wallpaper can be added to a ceiling to really make rooms look interesting. Metallic coverings placed on a ceiling can provide a Victorian look to any room.

Borders don’t have to go at the ceiling. A little experimentation goes a long way. Hanging the border a few inches or even a foot away from the ceiling can ease a room’s appearance dramatically. Some people have even applied borders around their doorframe. Papering only one wall in a room can bring to focus to one side of the room, offering a unique and artistic display that can also draw the eye away from a side of the room or draw attention to it. Highlighting a wall behind a couch or bed with metallic or gloss paper can really catch the attention of anyone in the space and accentuate any piece of furniture.


Just finding a design that matches a room’s decorations or changes its appearance isn’t the end in choosing the right wallpaper for your home. There are several technical factors to consider that will greatly affect the application and upkeep of it. One thing to consider is whether or not the wallpaper is pre-pasted. This makes the application process extremely easy. Most vinyl wallpaper is made like this, but when it comes to more expensive and luxurious wallpaper schemes, this may not be the case. Wallpaper that is made from natural fiber or fabrics does not come pre-pasted on the back. They require a special type of glue that must be put onto either the wall or the back of the paper before applying it to the wall. This adds extra work, but if it’s a more intricate pattern that brings out the best in a space, the extra step can make all the difference.

Another technical aspect that is especially important if children are involved is whether or not wallpaper is washable. Vinyl-coated wallpaper consists of paper that is sealed during the manufacturing process with liquid vinyl. The vinyl makes it possible to scrub off any markings with soapy water. Solid sheet vinyl paper is also washable, and in fact is extremely strong which makes it perfect for children’s rooms and the kitchen.

It is also very important to check the dye lot (a.k.a. run number) on wallpaper packaging before purchase. This number should be found near the pattern number on the label. It is important to check for this because rolls with the same dye lot numbers are going to have the exact same colors and schemes. Though the same paper with a different number will look very similar, there are often small color nuances that will be visible to the naked eye once the wall covering is hung. Ensure that all rolls have the exact same dye lot number.

Picking wallpaper is not a simple decision to be made at the last minute at a home improvement store. The wall covering that is chosen is going to last a long time, and it should be well thought out beforehand. It is simple to just grab any type and color wallpaper just to avoid painting a room, but this type of home décor can do so much more for a room. Small rooms can be made to look bigger; large rooms can get cozier. Knowing exactly what to look for in wallpaper can add dimension, luxury, or just about any other feature one could imagine to a home. Making the right choice the first time around can keep a room fresh and refreshing for years to come. Viesso’s incredible array of wallpapers can fit any style or need, so let their staff answer any questions and help you make the most of your pace today!

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