Christmas Decoration Preparation Tips and Insight

It’s that time of the year again!
Bring on the celebration and festivities!

You’ve got your Christmas cards (with token candy canes inside, of course!) signed, sealed and ready to be delivered to your closest friends and family. That good old secret family recipe for eggnog is bound to be a hit. The Christmas tree, lights, angels, bells and plethora of ornaments look marvelous. Santa’s sleigh and reindeer are propped up in the front yard and the kids are building snowmen in the cold winter snow.

The stockings are lined up above the fireplace and the gifts are neatly packaged – only to be eagerly torn open a few hours later. The candles are lit and a delicious feast awaits your loved ones at the dining table. The mistletoe is strategically situated so that your sweetheart has no choice but to give you some sugar (wink!) and you’ve made plans for the whole family to attend the Christmas carols festival and commemoration of Jesus’ birth.

…At least that’s how the picture perfect vision of Christmas goes. We’re sure many of you agree, that unfortunately, Christmas has become more of a stressful period than a time of celebration and festivity. Primarily because there are guests to entertain, some of who may be judgmental of the decorations you chose, who are secretly scrutinizing your home and your ability to entertain during the festive period. Never fear, Viesso is here.

Festive Insights from the Experts

We’ve partnered with interior designers and know a little something about modern furniture and its many functionalities for special occasions. Listed below are a few quick decoration preparation tips and insights to ensure your hosting skills are admired this Christmas!

Insight #1: The Dining Room

The dining room should be a focal point in your Christmas preparations. After all, this is where your guests will devour your delicious Christmas feast and most likely where they will spend the vast majority of their time, sipping on wine and engaging in conversation. We offer a diverse collection of modern dining tables for the ultimate dining experience. They have a WOW factor that will leave your critical in-laws speechless. So, go on, check out our Beech 102” Dining Table or Elm” 87 Dining Table.

If you’re looking to customize your modern dining table, we can help. Our custom dining tables are built one at a time in LA and we’re more than happy to cater to your individual taste and can even extend your table to a desired size to accommodate additional guests. Please start planning early, however, as our custom tables take 3 weeks to build and ship. We also offer stylish, sophisticated and elegant five-piece flatware sets for your dining table, so that guests may truly appreciate the feast you’ve prepared. They’re so high in quality and finish that they are guaranteed to add that further WOW factor to the presentation of your modern dining room.

Insight #2: The Living Room

Before your guests make their way to the dining room, they’ll probably want to gather around and catch up on what everyone’s been doing since the last holiday family gathering. Even after they’ve demolished your feast, they’ll be more than likely to convene in the living room to digest their food and exchange gifts. It’s important that your Christmas tree doesn’t take up the entire living room or make it feel less spacious. If you have high ceilings, go for it, but if you live in a tiny apartment, you might want to reconsider buying that 12ft. Blue Spruce.

Ok, but where will they all sit? Why not consider investing in our most popular sofa design: the Strata. Our Strata collection offers the ultimate lounging experience for your guests. They’re also sectionals, so you can add different sections to create extra room for Aunt Mary (she’s gained a few pounds since last Thanksgiving!). Our Strata collection guarantees superior comfort and also offers a chaise sectional that gives your sofa an L-shape that provides a greater sense of unity during special occasions that focus on coming together as a family unit.

Nothing says Christmas like a Yule log, but what happens when you don’t have a fireplace? Our modern, indoor fireplaces will keep your guests comfortable and add that extra warmth and coziness to your Christmas celebration. Don’t give your guests the chance to complain about the cold. Our fireplaces look beautiful and are designed with the environment and your safety in mind.

Insight #3: Wallpapers and Decals

Is it about time for you to repaint your walls? Forget it! Paint and a brush will limit your ability to be creative. It’s time for a fresh new artsy look. Color alone probably won’t impress your posh in-laws. They’re looking for the finer elements of interior design such as texture, shape, concept and so forth. Wallpaper and decals from Viesso allow for exactly that. While it may be true that wallpaper and decals were once considered banal, trite and quite frankly old school, this is no longer the case. The talented designers we’ve partnered with bring you fresh new looks that are bound to impress your guests and transform your walls for the better. Why not browse some of our samples today?

Insight #4: Lighting

Christmas Decoration Preparation Tips and Insight

Great, you’ve got your dining room, living room and wallpaper set! But what good is a magnificently presented feast if the lighting isn’t right? It’s something we’re all guilty of neglecting. Now, however, is the season to make sure your lighting gives your home the attention it deserves. The last thing you want is to invest in one of our elegant modern dining tables and custom Strata sofas and to have it not be seen in all its glory by your hard to impress guests. Bring lighting to the forefront of your Christmas planning and allow our stunning and distinctive modern lighting to illuminate your beloved home. Our suspension and modern pendants are a popular choice and the perfect way to show off your prized household possessions to your guests.

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We’ve got a range of elegant and modern products for you to browse. Please don’t hesitate to call us at (877)-8-VIESSO or email us to start your Christmas planning. We are happy to assist you in finding the right dining room, living room, wallpaper and lighting goods to make a lasting impression on your guests. We’re sure they’ll be talking about you later – but for all the right reasons.

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