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Christmas Gift Ideas for Interior Designers

You’ve got it all planned out. You’re buying tickets for your partner and yourself to go see Cirque Du Soleil at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. You’ve cleared out the local Toys “R” Us’ and the kids are finally out of your hair. Mom’s going to be absolutely delighted when she sees the Fine China set you’ve picked out for her. Dad’s always been a bit of a handy man and will truly appreciate the comprehensive tool kit you’ve carefully wrapped up for him. Your sister is going to just die when she tears open that Burberry purse. And poor Grandma’s always complaining about the cold so you’ve found a gorgeous luxury bathrobe to keep her warm during the winter nights. You’ve got it all planned out. Well, sort of…

There’s still your BFF to cross off the list. Why, oh why, does she have to be an interior designer? Every single birthday, every single Christmas… you’re always stuck on gift ideas for her. Picking Christmas gifts for everyone close to you is a breeze. Why is it so difficult to pick out gifts for her? Well, let’s face it. Frankly, interior designers just so happen to be the most creative group of individuals on the face of the planet. We get it. You’ve got to put some serious thought into her gift and need a little bit of help from the experts. So, let’s quickly run through your options. Ideally, she’d probably like to receive something that will assist her with her job. Something that will further her creative genius.

Conventional Gift Ideas

Ever thought about buying her a journal? Sure, it’s functional… but it’s also kind of boring. Even if you can find a journal with an exquisite design, will she like it? Will it suit her creative tastes? Better to be safe than sorry. Moving along… what about a subscription? Nope. Think again. She’s already got a dozen subscriptions to her favorite designer magazines scattered throughout her apartment. You’ve lost track and the last thing you want to do is subscribe to one she’s already subscribed to. Perhaps an MP3 recorder so she can capture her client’s thoughts during meetings? Oh, but wait, you already got her one last Christmas. One last option… surely she’s in need of a portfolio bag to match her portfolio that she’s constantly lugging around everywhere she goes? Oops, too late. Her Aunt’s already stolen your idea.

Modern Gift Ideas

Forget the conventional gift ideas. This Christmas it’s time to think like an interior designer. It’s time to think outside of the box. It’s time to think Viesso. We specialize in modern furniture for modern living. We’re not an interior design firm but we do partner with interior designers and know a little something about their thinking and personal tastes. Simply browse our gift ideas section, which is located under the Accents tab on our home page. There you will find products your designer friend will simply adore. Not only that, our Green products and designs will surely delight her eco-friendly little heart and make her feel like you truly listen when she oozes about her passion for designing with sustainable materials like bamboo.

Got a budget? No worries. We’ve even made it easy and convenient for you to stay within your budget. Simply click on the price level that falls within your budget and you’ll be on your way to browsing affordable gift options for your best friend this Christmas. We’ve even got a list of categories for you to browse through from lighting, throws and blankets to barware, cutlery and knives. We know that it can be difficult to choose gifts for someone whose taste is so developed; that’s why we’re here to help.

Gift Cards for the Modern Designer

Still stuck? Here’s our final resort… and no, it doesn’t have to mean you’re “taking the easy way out.” Society has taught you to believe that gift cards are given by people who are lazy and thoughtless. We guarantee, however, that your designer friend will be absolutely thrilled with a gift card from Viesso this Christmas. In fact, she’s probably secretly hoping that you give her a gift card instead of picking out something that she’d have to awkwardly proclaim “oh, this is… just what I was looking for.” Don’t make her feel like she’s got to put on an act this Christmas just so your feelings don’t get hurt. Sometimes it’s wiser to pick your battles. Accept that interior designers are in a league of their own. They have a unique outlook on the world and are very picky about everything they present to the world as theirs. A Viesso gift card will allow her to let her creativity reign.

Gift cards from Viesso are the perfect option for those of you who can’t quite pick which item to give your designer friend for Christmas. We have four different gift card options available for you. Choose from our $50, $100, $200 or $500 gift card options. They’re a great choice for Christmas and an excellent way to give your best friend access to all the great and creative products we offer. All you need to do is enter your designer friend’s name, personal message (optional) and address to send the gift card too. Purchase the card and we’ll email you a unique coupon code which you can then pass along to her. Best of all, they never expire!

Contact Us

Don’t get stuck wondering what to buy the interior design in your life, or buying something he or she really cannot use or may not like. If you need help choosing the perfect gift, please don’t hesitate to call us at (877)-8-VIESSO or email us to inquire about our Christmas gift ideas. We offer a wide variety of gift ideas and gift card options for every occasion and are happy to assist you in finding the perfect gift for your interior designer friend or family member this year.

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