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For nearly a decade, Viesso has provided trendy and green furniture options for the home and office. Viesso founders, Alex, Ryan, and Travis, oversee all the furniture sold at Viesso to feature bold and modern design with green materials. Debuting in 2005, Viesso’s California location and online store currently features over 70 stylish coffee and side tables, many of which feature free shipping.

These tables set the standard for quality home furnishings. More amazingly, these beautiful tables also set the standard in green furniture. All Viesso products feature green approved materials, including bamboo, natural latex, water based glue, and FSC certified maple. No other furniture store can make a similar claim.

The first of Viesso’s stylish and green end tables is the Alpha End Table. This table measures 12: width by 20” diameter by 24” height. Perfect as a side table or as a portable tray, this industrial style table features two steel framed legs meeting a tempered glass or oak top. This fabulous table is currently on special for $151.80, is light weight, and currently comes with free shipping.

The Combination table‘s versatility will make it a favorite among shoppers. Available in three different materials and six different sizes, it’s the perfect addition to the creative and ever changing home. Prices vary according to selected size and material. This item currently ships for free.

Noted for its simplicity and charm, the Ares End Table, measuring at 21” height by 19” diameter, features a whit lacquered MDF top attached to a metal painted post and base. The minimalist design is perfect for small spaces, and the padded bottom allows for easy movement. This table is currently on special for $217.80.

Eileen Gray End Table

Those who loved the Ares End Table will also love the Eileen Gray End Table. Measuring at 25- 36” height by 20” diameter, this unique table features a combination of metal and glass resulting in a modern industrial look. This table is also available for $217.80. This table currently comes with free shipping.

The Root End Table features tapered FSC-Certified Ash legs and a wooden table top with a wood grain design. This table measures at 20” by 20” by 17” and weighs in at 15 pounds. This end table is priced at $325.00 and can be paired with the Root End Coffee table. This product is also featured as a Viesso green product.

The Jasper Cube can be used as an end table or an ottoman. This fabric covered table is made from 100% FSC-Certified wood and is currently available in four different colors. This table measures 18” by 18” by 17” and weighs 20 pounds. It is currently priced at $295.00.

The Timber End Table, measuring at 12” x 12” x 18”, is designed to resemble chopped wood. The acrylic material is transparent, save for the wood grain design on all sides of the table. It is currently available for $235.00.

Metro End Table

The Metro End Table, available in black glass or wegne oak, measures at 19” height by 16” diameter. This table features round, square, and rectangular shapes in the table top and in the stainless steel frame. This table is available for preassembled shipping and is currently available for $261.80. This table currently comes with free shipping.

The Gio End Table, measuring at 18” by 18,” features a cube shaped design. One corner is hollowed out for easy access storage. Made out of solid coffee bamboo, the simple design provides style and functionality all in one. This table is currently marked down from $955 to $380.

The Floppy Coffee Table is a unique and fun design appropriate for adults and kids alike. The table is made from hi-density top lamination material and smoothly curves down on either side. Available in more than five color combinations, this durable table is a bargain at $536.00. This table currently comes with free shipping.

One of the featured green products, the Koper Reclaimed Wood End table measures at 15” by 15”. The table is cube shaped and comprised of stacked fir blocks with the occasional hollowed area for design and storage purposes. This table is currently available for $585.00.

The Adelphi Coffee table featured a round leather top and stainless steel frame. The table is currently available in five different finishes three different heights. Prices vary according to finish and height.

Stainless Steel Cube End Table

The Stainless Steel Cube End table features five polished stainless steel sides. The table measures at 18 by 18” by 18.” Another one of Viesso’s green products, this table is comprised of 60% recycled material. This table is currently priced at $695.00.

The beautiful Pool Long Coffee Table is made from three pieces of expertly crafted glass that appears to float. The clear glass sides support a black or frost colored top. Sizes and colors are subject to occasional change. Prices vary according to sizes and materials.

For those looking for a unique conversation piece, the Dorset Coffee Table featured a rounded, hollowed, ebony base with a glass top. The table measures at 43” in diameter by 10” height. The table is currently available for $900.00.

The modern Dean square coffee table, measuring at 47” by 47” by 8,” differs from other coffee tables in concept and deign. Four lacquer top squares rest on a wooden base just 8” off the ground. This table is currently available for just $1000.00 and comes in white or ebony. Viesso also offers free shipping on this item.

For those looking for a more traditional design with a modern look, the Elm Coffee Table comes equipped with the soft design and cut of traditional furniture juxtaposed with the modern stainless steel and lacquered material. Available in white and black, this coffee table measures in at 43” by 43” by 12.” This table also comes with free shipping and is currently available for $1100.00.

The Oxford Coffee Table, measuring at 41” in diameter and 10” height, is a round table with a wooden base, center hole, and glass top. The table is available in three different color combinations and is priced at $1600.00. This product currently features free shipping.

The Periodic Coffee table features the periodic table indented into the top surface. Despite the design, the table top remains fairly level, providing stability for items placed on top. The table top comes in two colors and can be purchased with or without the periodic table design. The legs are stainless steel and also comes in two colors. Though prices vary slightly, the table is currently offered for $1700.00.

Featuring a polished concrete top and black or stainless steel base, the Vue Coffee Table measures 60” by 40” by 18” and weighs in at 150 pounds. This table is currently priced for $3,800.00 for black steel or $4,200.00 for stainless steel.

All Viesso items are available for shipping. Shipping prices vary according to product, though many products come with discount or free shipping. Items in stock take between 2 – 3 weeks to ship, and non-stocked items between 12 – 14 weeks.

Viesso furniture features modern options with a green touch. More products can be found at the California based store or online at Visit either place for more information on products, the green movement, or discount shipping.

For further information do not hesitate to contact us.

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