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Coffee Table Cubes

Modern cube furniture by Viesso is more than squared-off edges. It’s softly rounded corners, welcoming cushions, bright colors and a sense of style that would be at home in any hotel lobby as well as any home. It’s fashion and elegance, comfort and serenity all rolled in a package that is easily tucked into a corner or left to fill an open space.

Custom Pieces

Viesso offers furniture that can be customized to your exact needs. Shop online to view the different options that are available then make the little changes that you desire. All furnishings are proudly made in the USA in the city of Los Angeles and you can take advantage of a free home trial to see how you like it. Change the size or color to get the exact fit for your lobby, hotel rooms or your living room at home.

A Modern Flair

The square edges and clean corners can also be combined with rounded ends for a look that is modern and different, yet also comfortable and welcoming. Bamboo is combined with floating cushions for a couch that is perfect for entertaining and sure to impress. The colors are bold and strong, the hues pure and the fabric quality superb. Don’t settle for less, choose Viesso for furniture that will make a statement and impress everyone who sees it.

Coffee Table Cubes

The perfect accent to the furnishings is the coffee table cubes. Designed with crisp, clean edges and straight lines, they are the ideal compliment for the modern upholstered furnishings offered by Viesso. Choose tables with floating glass to instantly add interest to any room. Reclaimed wood end tables feature environmentally friendly rectangles of wood that are fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle. Open sections on the sides add interest and enhance the marvelous and unique look. You can also choose to show your concern for the environment by choosing a bamboo floating coffee table that is made from the fast growing reed.


Many of the finishes used by Viesso are environmentally friendly, made with a low VOC stain. While the finish on the reclaimed wood cannot be altered, you can choose from several different finish colors for the other pieces.


If you aren’t sure about color choice of fabric or wood, you can request free samples. The company will provide them to help you make the best possible decision with your furniture choices.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Viesso takes pride in our work and wants our customers to be pleased. That’s why we offer a guarantee that you will be satisfied. Customers have 7 days to try out the furniture. After that, it can be returned if there is any concern about the craftsmanship. Shipping fees cannot be refunded, but the full purchase price will be refunded by the company.

Viesso offers furniture that is modern and attractive, welcoming and unique. We utilize green construction methods and finishing techniques were possible so you can feel good about the purchases you make through our company. Contact Viesso at for coffee table cubes of your choice today!

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