College Apartment Decorating Ideas

It’s natural that you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on your college apartment, especially if you’ve got those college loans looming over your head. On the other hand, its a great thing if you can furnish and decorate it in style, making it look like you’ve spent money and time in selecting just the things that reflect your taste and personality.

Cool, Modern, and Functional

At Viesso, we remember our college days and aren’t always proud of how we slapped together our pads, not to mention the egregious posters that some of us had the temerity to paste on any available wall space. Well, we’ve grown up now and have had time to ponder the difficulties students have in creating a livable place without having to spend an arm and a leg. In deference to the contemporary-minded student, we’ve come up with a really great line of furniture and accents that will help you create a really cool, modern, and functional apartment that you can be proud of. When the parents visit, they’ll leave with the confidence that you really are in the right place, and when it comes to your friends, you may just have a bit of a problem getting them to leave!

Contemporary Designers with Experience and Eco-Consciousness

Representing ourselves, we also have a number of other contemporary designers at our showroom who have created amazingly stylish pieces that are exceptionally affordable. Some of our less expensive brands include Innovation and sohoConcept, and they all combine excellent design with functionality and a sense of fun and sophistication. With lots of experience in the industry, we all work with an eye to reducing our environmental footprint, using all recyclable waste, such as cardboard, plastic, iron, and metal, for other projects whenever we can.

Convertible Sofas

One of the most essential elements in a home is the bed. If you don’t have a whole lot of space for a real bed, we have some outstanding convertibles that are stylish, comfortable, and space saving. Take for example the Old School sofa bed, which gets its inspiration from the tufted Chesterfield sofas that were made in the early part of the 20th Century. With a very fresh approach, the contemporary version boasts pocket springs topped with a layer of high quality foam covered by heavy fiber fill. As a sofa it is super comfortable, and when it converts to a bed, it is heaven on earth for sleeping. With its matte black powder-coated metal frame, espresso-stained wooden legs, and light gray or red iFelt covering, you will have yourself an exceedingly stylish piece of furniture that maximizes any space.

The Old School chair is made exactly in the same way, but because of its narrower size, will covert to a smaller bed. Great for a small living room space, this piece is perfect for an overnight guest who will be happy as a clam to crawl underneath the covers. Coming in white or black leatherette, dark brown, or microgrid gray with white, the piece fits in with any type of decor.
Another option is the Oz Deluxe sofa bed, made with the same elements, but in a different style that also speaks of function and class. Whatever model you choose, you will economize on space and expense, without stinting on style. By adding few pillows or bolsters in colors and shapes that appeal to your taste using Viesso’s custom accent pillows, you’ll have a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that adds warmth and fun to your college pad.

The Ottoman

Placing an ottoman in your living room setup is a great way to provide extra seating or another surface when you’re serving a tray of something delicious or when you want to put your feet up. At Viesso, we love the Sixtree Pouf in dark grey, red, and black iFelt as it is a playful and practical modular piece that will help you maximize your space.


Choosing the Innovation’s Combination table is an excellent solution for creating a stand-alone surface or creating a cluster with smaller pieces. With their chromed steel legs and lacquered top, they come in a variety of sizes and colors that will adapt to the dimensions of any room.
The Metro two tiered table, featured in our Viesso showroom, is another idea for economizing on space. Round, with a sturdy stainless steel frame and a wenge oak or black glass top, this convenient piece is both glamorous and practical.

The Desk

If you’re in school, there’s no getting around the fact that you have to study. The Calvin desk by sohoConcept will give you incredible value and quality. It features a polished metal frame and comes with either a tempered glass top that attaches with UV bonded plates, or in wood that attaches with screws. Pair it with the Eiffel office chair with its comfortable upholstered seat and backrest, gas piston base that allows you to adjust its height, a swivel and tilt function, and a chromed steel five star base with plastic casters, and you’ll be sitting pretty in front of that laptop. Secure and durable, the chair will last way beyond your college years, with its molded frame and steel seat incorporating S-shaped springs for flexibility and strength. Created with removable velcro-enclosed leather PPM or wool fabric slip covers available in a multitude of colors, it is easy to clean and maintain.

The Area Rug

One of the best ways to create an inviting ambiance in your home is by adding a well-crafted area rug that defines your living area while adding a bit of color and texture. The Berlin Green rug, with its interesting geometric shapes, has a short, soft pile. A handmade beauty made by a third generation company located along the banks of the Ganga River in India, the master craftsmanship is performed by using the finest yarn and an eye to contemporary design.

The Ambiance rug has a completely different feel and will also give your apartment a special touch. Hand woven with New Zealand wool, this luxurious piece has a soft, thick pile that is highly resilient, which is especially important if you’ve got a lot of friends coming and going.


Obviously lighting is another critical element in creating the perfect home, and there are some really great choices for those of you on a budget. The Mañana Lamp is a terrific floor lamp, with its skinny profile, a shade that adjusts to any angle, and a dimmer switch at its foot. Playful and practical, it comes in graphite grey and can be placed anywhere in a room to give off just the amount of light you need.
The Unfold Pendant lamp is an extremely innovative example of modern industrial design. It’s made with a silicone rubber shade that unfolds in its folded state by pushing on the top, which makes it super portable if you’re moving around. In purple, blue, or yellow, the lamp creates a warm overhead light that creates a great accent anywhere you put it.

For more information on decorating your college apartment, please contact us or call us at 877.8.VIESSO.

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